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Paul: Follower of Jesus or Founder of Christianity?

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This book provides a broad, popular look at the relationship between Paul and Jesus. Considering the recurrent question of how much Paul knew and was dependent on the teachings of Jesus, Wenham studies the Gospels and Paul’s letters, systematically compares the teachings of Jesus and Paul, and reveals the intriguing connections and differences between the two. His conclusions make this volume a groundbreaking work with exciting implications for the study of Jesus and the Gospels and of Paul and early Christianity.

Key Features

  • Addresses common questions and claims about Paul for a wide audience
  • Examines Paul’s use of Scriptural quotations and allusions
  • Explores Paul’s historical and theological relationship to Jesus


  • Introducing the Question
  • The Kingdom of God
  • Who Is Jesus?
  • Why the Crucifixion?
  • Jesus and the Community
  • Living In Love
  • The Future Coming of the Lord
  • Jesus’ Life and Ministry
  • The Question of Paul and Jesus

Praise for the Print Edition

The persuasiveness with which Wenham argues his case, and the far-reaching implications of his thesis for both gospel and Pauline studies, make this book a significant contribution to both fields... This study deserves a wide readership among students and professional scholars alike, and promised to make an enduring contribution to the theological study of the NT.


An important contribution to contemporary scholarship... Wenham has made a pivotal contribution to this very important area of study. He has produced a work that is scholarly in its use of modern Biblical criticism, evenhanded in its presentation of differing views, judicious in its evaluation of the data, and persuasive in its defense of his thesis... This volume will have to be consulted by any who attempt to write on the Jesus—Paul question in the future.

Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society

Even readers who are not convinced by Wenham’s argument will be impressed by the breadth of material assembled here. The book will prove particularly useful to serious students seeking an overview of the scholarly debate regarding Paul's place in early Christianity and some suggestions regarding points of entry.


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Revd Dr David Wenham is a British theologian and author of several books on the New Testament. David Wenham was born in 1945 (son of theologian John Wenham) and studied theology at Cambridge University before undertaking doctoral research under F. F. Bruce. After becoming the Theological Students’ Secretary with the UCCF he taught at Union Biblical Seminary in India before returning to become the Director of Tyndale House (Cambridge)’s Gospels Research Project.

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Digital list price: $33.99
Save $10.00 (29%)

Gathering interest