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Samuel Terrien Collection (3 vols.)
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Samuel Terrien Collection (3 vols.)


Wipf & Stock 2000–2004

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With an aim toward understanding and devotion, this collection of works by Samuel Terrien explores the complex meaning of the story of Job, provides a guide to the context and use of the Psalms, and examines the role of God’s presence as the main theme of Scripture. Terrien combines insight into text with a call for the church to respond in faith, worship, and prayer.

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Key Features

  • Explores the theological themes of Job set against modern culture
  • Points to the presence of God as a central Old Testament theme
  • Provides a helpful guide to engage with the Psalms

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Individual Titles

Job: Poet of Existence

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Shortly after Dr. Terrien had completed his illuminating book on The Psalms and Their Meaning for Today, he decided to write a book about Job.

This book, like its predecessor, is intended for the general reader: to give him a fuller knowledge, clearer understanding, and deeper appreciation of the religious and literary values of a truly great dramatic poem.

Job, more than any other book of the Bible, belongs to the literature of the world. Yet who reads this poem in our day? Classics bear the burden of greatness. They are celebrated and unknown.

Of such is Job, today unknown even to those who claim no immunity to cultural urges. Incidentally, the fact that this classic happens to belong to the Bible does not explain its quality of ‘terra incognita’, for it is neglected also by synagogue and church goers who daily read other portions of Scripture.

The ancient Hebrew poem is modern, for it proffers a plea for pure religion. The poet of Job did not attempt to solve the problem of evil, nor did he propose a vindication of the justice of God. For him, any attempt of man “to justify God” would have been an act of arrogance. But he knew and promoted in the immediacy of faith a mode of life and in the very pangs of insecurity a sense of triumph. He transmuted the taste of sorrow into the knowledge of joy—not in the shallowness of gaiety, to be sure, but the depth of a joy brought by the presence of one who moves and warms the worlds.

The Elusive Presence: Toward a New Biblical Theology

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This landmark work in biblical theology and in the career of a major biblical scholar finds in the theme of the presence and reality of God—rather than covenant—the basis for building an ecumenical theology that fully includes both Old and New Testaments. From the epiphanies of the Patriarchs to the divine presence reflected in Jesus, Terrien points out the distinctive roles of Judaism and Christianity, then distills the unifying interplay of a vision of the ultimate and a passion for the service of humanity which is the core of all Scripture. The Elusive Presence introduces a groundbreaking theology, mindful of the historical complexity within each Testament as well as between the Old and New, yet affirming the reality of faith and making possible a creative response respectful of all traditions.

Terrien has made a contribution which is irreversible. There will be no way to return to the more conventional models for Old Testament theology.... In addition to its formidable governing hypothesis, the book is characterized by a style of elusiveness delightfully matching the argument, a study only the urbaneness of the author could give us: by an erudition evidenced by an exhaustive documentation, and by rich and suggestive exegesis of a large number of texts. This rich gift could only be given by Terrien with his remarkable combination of passion, eloquence and erudition.

Walter Brueggeman, Eden Theological Seminary

The Psalms and Their Meaning for Today

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This book was written for the general reader, to provide a clearer understanding and a deeper appreciation of the religious and literary value of the Psalms.

The Hebrew Psalms have a power of survival which is unparalleled in the spiritual life of the Western world. Composed in the Near East twenty-five to thirty centuries ago, they are still read or sung by Jews as well as Christians of all denominations. What is the secret of their vitality? How do the Psalms continue to offer a wisdom for living and a consolation for dying? Dr. Terrien here gives the twofold reason for their enduring power.

The psalmists belonged to a nation born to be “the servant of the Lord.” They placed God at the center of their existence and held that life on earth is not worth living unless it is related properly to the creator of the universe, the giver of life, the master of nature, and the judge and savior of humanity in history.

What they said is particularly relevant today, for in times of cultural decay and military disasters they found that human existence, in spite of its trials and madness, remains a truly “worthwhile” experience. They faced the agony of national disintegration and of personal death, and yet they were singing.

The psalmists praised God and prayed to Him, not only as people of faith but also as poets. They formulated their faith with a sublime diction that remains powerful in spite of the obscurities of language and the awkwardness of translation. Dr. Terrien shows how these poets captured in words certain dimensions of truth and beauty which defy ordinary expression, and why through the marriage of thought and poetic emotion they were able to carry their impact to us across the barriers of time and tongue.

This book illustrates how best to reap the wisdom and consolation of the Psalms so that we too may understand their meaning for today.

About Samuel Terrien

Dr. Samuel Terrien is well known for his brilliant book, The Psalms and Their Meaning for Today. He was also an editor of The Interpreter’s Bible. Born in France, he was educated at the Sorbonne, the School of the Louvre Museum, the French School of Biblical Archaeology at Jerusalem, and Union Theological Seminary in New York. Terrien was a long-time professor at Union Theological Seminary. He died in 2002 at the age of 91.