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Speeches of Micah: A Rhetorical-Historical Analysis

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In this important book, Shaw deploys a rigorous and systematic rhetorical analysis in the service of a reconstruction of the historical setting of each of the discourses in Micah. Unlike Muilenburg's "rhetorical criticism", this approach focuses on the persuasiveness of the discourses, the means by which the author achieves his goal. Among Shaw's tools is the concept of the rhetorical situation. It involves not only the question of the identity of the narratees, but also objective factors like events, conditions and attitudes to which the discourse responds and subjective factors like the speaker's own view of the situation. For each discourse the author analyses its goals and strategy, determining the structure of the speeches, the function of each part in the persuasiveness of the speech, the kinds of proof and the style utilized in order to achieve the author's goals.

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  • Title: Speeches of Micah: A Rhetorical-Historical Analysis
  • Author: Charles S. Shaw
  • Series: Studies on the Prophets
  • Publisher: Sheffield Academic Press
  • Publication Date: 1993
  • Pages: 256