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The Roles of Israel’s Prophets

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ISBN: 9780905774343


This book offers a new and fruitful approach to a major area of Old Testament study. Expressing dissatisfaction with current critical theories of Israelite prophecy, which have regularly depended on the categories of office and charisma to designate essential features, Petersen looks instead to modern role theory for a conceptual apparatus which can take account not only of what prophets regularly did in common but also of the significant variety apparent in Israelite prophetic performance.

Helpful indexes and table of contents are included.

Product Details

  • Title: The Roles of Israel’s Prophets
  • Author: David L. Petersen
  • Series: Studies on the Prophets
  • Publisher: JSOT Press
  • Publication Date: 1981
  • Pages: 132

About David L. Peterson

David L. Peterson was educated at the College of Wooster and Yale University. Peterson currently serves as professor of Old Testament at Emory Univesrity. He has written several titles including A Theological Introduction to the Old Testament, The Prophetic Literature: An Introduction, Prophecy in Ancient Israel, and Late Israelite Prophecy.