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The Deconstruction of Dualism in Theology

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ISBN: 9781842270448


Jesus' words in John 17 represent one of the church's highest values: “May they all be one as you and I are one.” Yet divisions occur from the highest levels of the church to street level projects, often neutralizing effectiveness and undercutting the credibility of Jesus’ message. This book helps any believer turn the ideal of John 17 into reality. It provides solid grounding in the principles of partnership, using abundant case histories and empowering how-to suggestions for lay person and ministry leader alike.

McCulloch’s study has important implications not only for theology but also for ethics and spirituality. She explores the contemporary critique of Western dualism—mind/body, God/creation, subject/object, nature/culture—and maintains that the dual apprehension of divine transcendence and immanence must always be held in balance in theological reflection.

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  • Title: The Deconstruction of Dualism in Theology
  • Author: Gillian McCulloch
  • Series: Theological Studies Collection
  • Publisher: Paternoster Press
  • Publication Date: 2002
  • Pages: 281

About Gilliam McCulloch

Gilliam McCulloch studied theology at the University of Aberdeen.