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Greek Pronunciations Dataset Collection


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Always know the right pronunciation

Our team has identified the lemma form of every word in the Greek New Testament and recorded audio pronunciations for each one. We’ve hand tagged every lemma, its location in the Greek New Testament, and audio of its pronunciation. Choose between Erasmian, Koine, and modern pronunciation in the pronunciation tool, and when you right click any Greek word in the New Testament, Logos scours the corresponding database and delivers the pronunciation of its lemma in crystal clear audio. Brush up on your New Testament Greek pronunciation with a single click. Gain confidence when quoting Greek terms in sermons and Bible studies. The information we’ve collected in this dataset represents years of research that Logos has done for you. We’ve hand tagged and cross-referenced thousands of Greek words so you have access to the information you need in an instant.

This product includes the Koine, Erasmian, and modern Greek pronunciation datasets.

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Resource Experts
  • Includes audio for more than 6,000 Greek terms
  • Catalogues the lemma form of every Greek word in the New Testament
  • Tags the location of every lemma in the New Testament, so you can simply click the word and hear the correct pronunciation
  • Greek Pronunciations Dataset (Koine)
  • Greek Pronunciations Dataset (Erasmian)
  • Greek Audio Pronunciation Dataset (Modern)
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    Collection value: $59.97
    Save $29.98 (49%)