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Galatians (Paideia: Commentaries on the New Testament)

ISBN: 9781441223425



Respected New Testament scholar Peter Oakes argues that in Galatians, Paul presents a gospel of “unity in diversity” in Christ. If the Galatians’ abandoned Paul’s gospel, they wouldn’t just prove unfaithful to Paul, their very fidelity to Christ would be compromised. Oakes interacts with contemporary scholarship, draws on ancient backgrounds, and attends to the theological nature of the text. Students, pastors, and other readers will appreciate the historical, literary, and theological insight offered in this practical commentary.

This commentary, like each in the Paideia series, approaches each text in its final, canonical form, proceeding by sense units rather than word-by-word or verse-by-verse. Each sense unit is explored in three sections: (1) introductory matters, (2) tracing the train of thought, (3) key hermeneutical and theological questions.

  • Examines cultural context and theological meaning
  • Discusses key hermeneutical and theological questions
  • Provides notes, outlines, images, and tables
This excellent commentary sets Paul's letter effectively within its historical context, finely illuminates the text while well illustrating and contributing to the range of discussion on the letter within contemporary scholarship, and stimulatingly concludes each section by posing issues that should provide fruitful agendas for discussion groups."

—James D. G. Dunn, Emeritus Lightfoot Professor of Divinity, Durham University

In this eminently readable and erudite commentary, Peter Oakes guides the reader through the text and argument of Paul's Letter to the Galatians with careful exegesis and theological sensitivity. His considerable knowledge of ancient Greco-Roman culture and the latest scholarship is everywhere on display. He has produced a volume from which not only students and pastors but also professional scholars and teachers will benefit."

—Martinus C. de Boer, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

In Galatians Peter Oakes combines a deep grasp of the ancient social context, a close familiarity with the exegetical issues, and an insightful identification of contemporary theological questions that are impacted and provoked by this potent Pauline letter. He couples this with a succinct style and an elegant delivery to produce an ideal vade mecum on this text."

—Philip Esler, Portland Chair in New Testament Studies, University of Gloucestershire

  • Title: Galatians
  • Author: Peter Oakes
  • Series: Paideia Commentaries on the New Testament
  • Publisher: Baker Academic
  • Print Publication Date: 2015
  • Logos Release Date: 2015
  • Pages: 236
  • Era: era:contemporary
  • Language: English
  • Resources: 1
  • Format: Digital › Logos Research Edition
  • Subject: Bible. N.T. Galatians › Commentaries
  • ISBNs: 9781441223425, 9780801032752
  • Resource ID: LLS:PAIDEIA69GA
  • Resource Type: Bible Commentary
  • Metadata Last Updated: 2020-09-15T17:18:40Z

Logos Bible Software dramatically improves the value of any resource by enabling you to find what you’re looking for with lightning speed and unbelievable precision. All Scripture passages are linked directly to the original language texts and English translations, and double-clicking any Greek word automatically opens a lexicon to help you decipher its meaning and understand its context. As you’re reading the Paideia: Commentaries on the New Testament, you can easily search and access topics or Scripture references you come across, making sermon preparation or Bible study easier than ever. What’s more, you can also link the Paideia: Commentaries on the New Testament to the other commentaries in your library for quick and accurate research for scholarly projects, sermon preparation, and personal study.

Peter Oakes is Greenwood Lecturer in New Testament at the University of Manchester and has taught Roman history at the University of Liverpool. He is editor of the Journal for the Study of the New Testament Booklist; his publications include Philippians: From People to Letter, and, as editor, Rome in the Bible and Early Church.

Paideia: Commentaries on the New Testament approaches each text in its final, canonical form, proceeding by sense units (pericopes) rather than word-by-word or verse-by-verse. Thus, each commentary follows the original train of thought as indicated by the author instead of modern artificial distinctions. Using this approach, one is able to grasp not only the exegetical-historical information of a passage, but also follow a coherent theological expression throughout. Additionally, this series is enormously helpful and practical through its usage of small visual presentations of historical, exegetical, and theological information. Highly user friendly, this is a great resource for college students, pastors, or those who want to take their Bible study to another level.

The Paideia series explores how New Testament texts inform Christian readers by:

  • Attending to the ancient narrative and rhetorical strategies the text employs
  • Showing how the text shapes theological convictions and moral habits
  • Commenting on the final, canonical form of each New Testament book
  • Focusing on the cultural, literary, and theological settings of the text
  • Making judicious use of maps, photos, and sidebars in a reader-friendly format


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