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The Heart of Praise

Format: Digital
, 2005
ISBN: 9780830768998


Caution: Praising and worshipping God through the Psalms has the power to change lives. In this collection of praise reflections, Jack Hayford encourages us to welcome the King of heaven into our daily lives with the power to change us in the process. Get ready to be blessed as you lift up your heart and voice to worship God. Start with a key verse from the Psalms, learn from Hayford’s insights and applications, and then offer a praise prayer. If you long to praise God in a deeper, more intimate way, you need look no further than these short readings intended for use as a personal devotional or for special times with family or others.

  • Title:The Heart of Praise
  • Author:Hayford, Jack W.
  • Publisher:Regal
  • Publication Date:2005