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Products>Expositional Preaching: How We Speak God’s Word Today (9Marks Building Healthy Churches Series)

Expositional Preaching: How We Speak God’s Word Today (9Marks Building Healthy Churches Series)

, 2014
ISBN: 9781433543135

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What makes for good preaching? In this accessible volume—written for preachers and preachers in training—pastor David Helm outlines what must be believed and accomplished to become a faithful expositor of God’s Word. In addition to offering practical, step-by-step guidance for preachers, this short book will equip all of us to recognize good preaching when we hear it.

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“Blind adherence to contextualization alters our preaching in at least three ways, and none of them is for the better. First, it impairs our perspective in the study—in his preparation of his sermon, the preacher becomes preoccupied with the world rather than God’s Word. This leads to impressionistic preaching. Second, it changes our use of the pulpit—the Word now supports our intoxicating plans and purposes, rather than those of God. This is inebriated preaching. Finally, it shifts our understanding of authority—the preacher’s ‘fresh’ and ‘spirit led’ devotional reading becomes the determinative point of truth. I call this ‘inspired’ preaching.” (Page 17)

“We are not free to do what we want with the Bible. It is sovereign. It must win. Always.” (Page 29)

“What is theological reflection? In simple terms, it is a rigorous and prayerful discipline of taking the time to meditate on my text and how it relates to God’s plan of redemption. It is an exercise that asks how my passage relates to the Bible as a whole, especially to the saving acts of God in Jesus.” (Page 62)

“The impressionist method takes what the eye sees and interprets it, exaggerates it, ignores parts of it, and ultimately distorts it.” (Page 19)

“It is an endeavor to bring out of Scripture what is there, to never thrust into a text what the Holy Spirit didn’t put there, and to do so from a particular text in ways that rightly humble the listener, exalt the Savior, and promote holiness in the lives of those present.” (Pages 15–16)

David Helm has written the most helpful, concise, and useful book on expository preaching I have ever read.

Matt Chandler, Lead Pastor, The Village Church, Dallas, Texas

If I were teaching a preaching class and could assign the students only one book, this might be the one. It’s a rare find that both introduces a topic to the novice and instructs the experienced.

Mark Dever, Senior Pastor, Capitol Hill Baptist Church, Washington, DC

Helm has given us a finely wrought and utterly compelling brief on what needs to be understood and done in order to faithfully preach the Word. This is an important book.

R. Kent Hughes, Senior Pastor Emeritus, College Church, Wheaton Illinois

David Helm is the lead pastor of the Hyde Park congregation of Holy Trinity Church. He is also the Executive Director of The Charles Simeon Trust. Helm has authored, co-authored, or contributed to a number of works, including The Genesis Factor, and Preach the Word: Essays on Expository Preaching.


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  1. Duane Larkin

    Duane Larkin


    I hear this is a great resource. It's sad to see it is not included in the Preaching Suite.


Digital list price: $12.99
Save $3.00 (23%)