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Perspectives on Israelite Wisdom

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, 2015


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This collection of essays examines the wisdom traditions of the Old Testament from a variety of angles. The slipperiness of the concept of 'wisdom literature', the transmission of 'wise' advice for living, rabbinic and patristic approaches to the Bible's wisdom traditions, and cutting-edge modern perspectives on such Old Testament books as Proverbs, Job, and Ecclesiastes are all to be found here.

In the tradition of the renowned previous volumes from the Oxford Old Testament Seminar - King and Messiah in Israel and the Ancient Near East (1998), In Search of Pre-Exilic Israel (2004), Temple and Worship in Biblical Israel (2005), and Prophecy and Prophets in Ancient Israel (2010)-this new volume again brings the scholarship of the Oxford Seminar, here focused on the rich subject of Old Testament wisdom traditions, to an international readership.

Key Features

  • Brings together leading Wisdom Literature scholars from the around the world
  • Presents insightful essays on a wide array of topics
  • Emphasizes and international readership


  • Part I: Issues in the Study of Israelite Wisdom
    • The Place and Limits of Wisdom Revisited by Stuart Weeks, University of Durham
    • Ethics in the Wisdom Literature of the Old Testament by John Barton, University of Oxford
    • Mother in Israel: Women and Wisdom by Jenni Williams, Wycliffe Hall
    • Orality and the Sage: A Word (Proverb) to the Wise Suffices by Aulikki Nahkola, Newbold College
    • The Nineteenth-Century Beginnings of "Wisdom Literature", and Its Twenty-first century End? by Will Kynes, Whitworth University
  • Part II: The Wisdom Corpus of the Hebrew Bible
    • Literary of Linguistic Matters in the Book of Proverbs by Gary A. Rendsburg, Rutgers University
    • The Fear of the Lord is the Beginning of Wisdom: Calendars, Divination and Stories of Terror by James E. Patrick, University of Oxford
    • One or Two Things You May Not Know about the Universe: The Cosmology of the Divine Speeches in Job by David J. A. Clines, University of Sheffield
    • The Canonical Taming of Job (Job 42:1-6) by Terje Stordalen, University of Oslo
    • Is Patristic Exegesis Good for Biblical Scholarship? Jerome and Gregory of Nyssa on Qohelet by Jennie Grillo, Duke University
    • At Play in Potential Space: Reading King Qohelet's Building Experiment with Psychoanalytic Spatial Theory by Mette Bundvad, University of Copenhagen
  • Part III: Other Texts in Relation to Wisdom
    • "I will Incline My Ear to a Proverb; I will Solve my Riddle to the Music of the Harp"(Psalm 49:4): The Wisdom Tradition and the Psalms by Susan Gillingham, University of Oxford
    • The Song of Songs: A Wisdom Book by Edmée Kingsmill, The Community of the Sisters of the Love of God, Oxford
    • Wisdom and the Garden of Eden by John Day, University of Oxford
    • The Absence of Wisdom in the Wilderness by Philip Y. Yoo, University of Oxford
    • Jeremiah, Creation and Wisdom by Katharine J. Dell, University of Cambridge
    • Handel's "Nabal" by Deborah W. Rooke, Regent's Park College
    • Ben Sira's Table Manners and the Social Setting of His Book by James K. Aitken, University of Cambridge
    • Ben Sira on Friendship: Notes on Intertextuality and Method by James E. Harding, University of Otago

Praise for the Print Edition

An important collection providing excellent contributions to the literature on Israelite and early Jewish wisdom

Zeitschrift für die alttestamentliche Wissenschaft (Bloomsbury translation)

The volume is a real update as far as the Israelite wisdom literature is concerned ... We recommend reading to all [...] whether experts or aficionados

Gregorianum (Bloomsbury translation)

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About John Jarick

John Jarick is Lecturer in Old Testament at the University of Oxford.

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Digital list price: $19.99
Save $8.00 (40%)

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