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Torah Revealed, Torah Fulfilled

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In Torah Revealed, Torah Fulfilled, the authors seek to identify the recurrent tensions, the blatant points of emphasis, the recurring indications of conflict and polemic. Framing the issue of the disposition of the Scriptural heritage in broad terms, they describe what characterizes the Gospels and the Mishnah, the letters of Paul and the Tosefta. In other words, if they take whole and complete the writings of first and second century people claiming to form the contemporary embodiment of Scripture's Israel and ask what they all stress as a single point of insistence, the answer is self-evident. Nearly every Christianity and nearly all known Judaisms appeal for validation to the Scriptures of ancient Israel, their laws and narratives, their prophecies and visions. To Scripture all parties appeal - but not to the same verses of Scripture. In Scripture, all participants to the common Israelite culture propose to find validation - but not to a common theological program subject to diverse interpretation. From Scripture, every community of Judaism and Christianity takes away what it will, but not with the assent of all the others.

Key Features

  • Examines the centrality of the Torah in both Judaism and Christianity
  • Presents a wholistic account of how the Torah was used in the first century AD
  • Discusses at length both commonalities and important differences in how Jews and Christians used Scripture


  • Part One: Idolatry and Paganism
    • Scriptures's Account: Idolatry and Paganism by Baruch A. Levine
    • Rabbinic Reading: Idolatry and Paganism by Jacob Neusner
    • Early Christian Interpretation: The Case of Justin Martyr by Bruce D. Chilton
  • Part Two: The Nazirite
    • Scripture's Account: The Nazirite by Baruch A. Levine
    • Rabbinic Reading: The Nazirite by Jacob Neusner
    • The New Testament's Intrepretation: The Naririte Vow and the Brother of Jesus by Bruce D. Chilton
  • Part Three: The Sabbath
    • Scripture's Account: The Sabbath by Baruch A. Levine
    • Rabbinic Reading: The Sabbath by Jacob Neusner
    • The New Testament's Intrepretation: Sunday in the New Testament by Bruce D. Chilton
  • Part Four: Dietary Purity
    • Scripture's Account: Dietary Purity by Baruch A. Levine
    • Rabbinic Reading: Clean and Unclean Foods by Jacob Neusner
    • The New Testament's Intrepretation: Eucharist as Holy Food, Mimesis of Sacrifice by Bruce D. Chilton
  • Part Five: Sexual Purity
    • Scripture's Account: Sexual Purity by Baruch A. Levine
    • Rabbinic Reading: Sexual Purity by Jacob Neusner
    • The New Testament's Intrepretation: Sexuality and Family in Christianity by Bruce D. Chilton
  • Part Six: Lex Talionis
    • Scripture's Account: Lex Talionis by Baruch A. Levine
    • Rabbinic Reading: Lex Talionis in Talmudic Law by Jacob Neusner
    • The New Testament's Intrepretation: Jesus' Lex Talionis by Bruce D. Chilton

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About the Authors

Jacob Neusner is the author or editor of over 700 books including The Incarnation of God: The Character of Divinity in Formative Judaism.

Bruce Chilton, a New Testament and Judaic scholar, is Bernard Iddings Bell Professor of Religion at Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY. He is a co-author of The Body of Faith, God in the World, and Comparing Spiritualities.

Baruch Levine is the Skirball Professor Emeritus of Bible and Ancient Near Eastern Studies at New York University . He has written extensively in the field of biblical and ancient Near Eastern studies. Among his publications are commentaries Numbers 1-20 and Numbers 21-36 in The Anchor Bible Commentary, the commentary on Leviticus in Torah Commentary (1999), and In the Presence of the Lord (1974). He is past president of the American Oriental Society, the Association for Jewish Studies, and the Biblical Colloquium, and is a former board member of the Society of Biblical Literature and Exegesis. He holds a Ph.D. in Mediterranean Studies from Brandeis University and earned a B.A. in comparative literature from Case Western Reserve University.

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  1. David Paul

    David Paul


    Why is this single Neusner title being offered out of the blue? This is probably the most interesting Neusner title offered in Logos so far, but with hundreds of his resources out there, offering just a single title is odd.


Digital list price: $15.99
Save $6.00 (37%)

In production