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A Biblical Theology of Missions

, 1972
ISBN: 9780802407061
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This exhaustive theology of missions focuses on theory and biblical mandates for missions as a vital part of theology. Peters, a foremost missions authority, considers both liberal and conservative views, although his own stance is solidly evangelical. Biblical Theology of Missions looks at the foundational grounds of the missions enterprise, emphasizing the divine mandate, the importance of proclamation, and the centrality of the local church and the Lordship of Christ.

Praise for the Print Edition

A major work on missions from an evangelical viewpoint. . . a good job of setting forth the biblical teaching on missions and refuting modern liberal alternatives.

The Banner of Truth

the book, certain emphases come through loud and clear: the theocentricity of the Christian mission, the importance of proclamation, the centrality of the local church and the lordship of Christ. A solid and significant contribution to the literature on missiology.


A thorough survey. . ."

Christianity Today

This book is scholarly, spiritual, and easy reading because of the warm missionary compassion that flows through its chapters.

Presbyterian Journal

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  • Title: A Biblical Theology of Missions
  • Author: George W. Peters
  • Publisher: Moody
  • Publication Date: 1984
  • Pages: 384

George W. Peters was professor of world missions at Dallas Theological Seminary for many years. Dr. Peters has been listed in Who's Who in American Education and has written several books.