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Into God’s Presence: Prayer in the New Testament

Format: Digital
, 2002
ISBN: 9780802848833


The Christian life cannot be fully understood or experienced without first grasping the importance of prayer. Yet prayer, as it is found in the Christian scriptures, has received limited attention as a topic of study. Into God’s Presence explores the nature and use of prayer throughout the entire New Testament. Written by twelve leading biblical scholars with diverse confessional perspectives, this insightful volume first discusses Christian prayer in relation to prayer in the Old Testament, the Greco-Roman world, first-century Judaism, and the Dead Sea Scrolls. The rest of the book takes an instructive look at prayer as it appears from Matthew to Revelation, with special attention given to Jesus as an exemplar and teacher of prayer.

Contributions to this volume include:

  • "Prayer in the Old Testament or Hebrew Bible," Christopher R. Seitz
  • "Prayer in the Greco-Roman World," David E. Aune
  • "Prayer in Jewish Life of the First Century as Background to Early Christianity," Asher Finkel
  • "Prayer in the Dead Sea Scrolls," Eileen M. Schuller
  • "The Canticles of Luke's Infancy Narrative: The Appropriation of a Biblical Tradition," Stephen Farris
  • "Jesus—Example and Teacher of Prayer in the Synoptic Gospels," I. Howard Marshall
  • "The Lord's Prayer as a Paradigm of Christian Prayer," N. T. Wright
  • "God's Name, Jesus' Name, and Prayer in the Fourth Gospel," Andrew T. Lincoln
  • "Persevering Together in Prayer: The Significance of Prayer in the Acts of the Apostles," Joel B. Green
  • "Prayer in the Pauline Letters," Richard N. Longenecker
  • "Finding Yourself an Intercessor: New Testament Prayer from Hebrews to Jude," J. Ramsey Michaels
  • "Prayer in the Book of Revelation," Richard Bauckham

Praise for the Print Edition

This is a thoroughly researched yet wonderfully accessible account of a regrettably ignored subject. Nicely detailed, yet profound and spiritually enriching, Into God’s Presence is sure to become a significant resource for scholars and pastors alike.

—Max Turner

A splendid collection of essays by a distinguished group of scholars. It is without doubt the best survey of its subject now available.

—Dale C. Allison Jr.

Product Details

  • Title: Into God's Presence: Prayer in the New Testament
  • Editor: Richard N. Longenecker
  • Publisher: Eerdmans
  • Publication Date: 2001
  • Pages: 305

About Richard N. Longenecker

A prominent New Testament scholar, Richard N. Longenecker served as Distinguished Professor of New Testament at McMaster Divinity College and taught for many years at Wycliffe College in the University of Toronto. He is now retired. His education includes B.A. and M.A. degrees from Wheaton College, and a Ph.D. from New College in the University of Edinburgh. He was also honored with a D.D. from Wycliffe College. Author of numerous books, his volume of Word Biblical Commentary, Volume 41: Galatians is currently available for download. He is presently working on a major commentary on Paul's Epistle to the Romans, to be published in the New International Greek Testament Commentary series.