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Products>The Legacy of John Paul II: Images & Memories

The Legacy of John Paul II: Images & Memories

Format: Digital
, 2005
ISBN: 9781586171230


Joseph Ratzinger pays tribute to his predecessor, mentor, and close friend, Pope John Paul II. As a cardinal, Ratzinger was the closest Vatican prelate to John Paul II, working together with him for almost 25 years in the Vatican. Cardinal Ratzinger spoke beautifully and eloquently at Pope John Paul II’s funeral, and at the Mass preceding the Papal Conclave. Soon afterwards, the College of Cardinals elected Ratzinger as John Paul’s successor. This book unites these two great spiritual leaders in one powerful, deeply moving volume. Ratzinger shares his many personal experiences and insights about this pontificate that changed the world. With over 100 pages of unique photos by Vatican photographer Giancarlo Giuliani—many never before published—this volume depicts many striking and poignant moments of John Paul II’s pontificate as he traveled around the world.

  • Title: The Legacy of John Paul II: Images & Memories
  • Author: Ratzinger, Joseph
  • Publisher: Ignatius
  • Publication Date: 2005