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Historical Sketches of Foreign Missions

Format: Digital
ISBN: 1883925517


This volume was published at the pivot point of Adventist mission development. By 1886 the young church had been in the foreign mission business for a dozen years, yet it had only four missions (three in Europe and one in Australia/New Zealand), and those four were just moving beyond infancy stage. By late 1886 the Adventists were becoming ever more committed to foreign missions. Historical Sketches contains the first book-length document on missions, and represents a valuable historical record of the denomination’s early work. It also contains revealing reports from a variety of authors, including Ellen G. White, on the strategies developed to further those missions and a call for expanded mission work in the future. Historical Sketches is both a summary of Adventism’s missiological past and a pointer and appeal to the future.

  • Title: Historical Sketches of Foreign Missions
  • Author: Knight, George R.
  • Publisher: Andrews University Press
  • Publication Date: 2005