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How to Enjoy Your Bible

ISBN: 9780852346709



John Blanchard believes that Christians are meant to enjoy the Bible, and that reading the Scriptures should be an exciting adventure into God’s truth and purposes for our lives. This book is written out of two firmly held convictions. The first is that the Bible is the Word of God. The second conviction is that Christians are meant to enjoy the Bible. It is meant to be a constant means of enlightenment, enrichment, and encouragement, its dynamic influence bringing a deepening joy into our daily lives. Sadly, many Christians seem to fall short of that experience. They read the Bible, perhaps regularly, but if they were to be absolutely honest about their reading they would have to confess that the whole business has become a duty rather than a delight. Others have gotten into a rut over the method they use for studying the Bible, becoming bored rather than blessed. However, Scripture is not basically meant to be a rescue operation. This volume illustrates how you can enjoy the Bible and find a daily source of spiritual power in it.

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John Blanchard is an internationally known author, teacher, apologist, and conference speaker. Some fifteen million of his publications are in print in over forty languages, and his best-sellers include Right with God, Ultimate Questions, Does God Believe in Atheists?, Truth for Life, Has Science Got Rid of God?, and Where is God When Things Go Wrong?"


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