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Sermons Preached in Lincoln’s Inn Chapel, Vol. IV

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This book contains sermons from the Sunday after Ascension 1858 to the Twenty-Fifth Sunday after Trinity 1858 as well as three homilies: • Sermons • God the Uprooter of Sects • The Meaning of the Gift of Tongues • The Uniting Name • The Circumcision and the Uncircumcision Merged in Christ • Daylight in the Heart the Preparation for the Day of Christ • The Ministry of Sovereigns • Why Christ Could Not Make His Authority Known to the Pharisees • The Eucharist Considered as a Declaration of Christ’s Death to Mankind • The Eucharist Considered as a Participation in the Unselfish Life of Christ • The Eucharist Considered as Interpreting All Other Acts of Devotion • The Eucharist Considered as Christ’s Voice to a Lukewarm Church • The Book of Proverbs Illustrated by St. John • Mercy and Truth Not Opposed in the Nature of God or in the Transactions of Men • Christian Services and Christian Rewards • The Eternal not Opposed to the Present • The Renovation of the Will the Great Subject of Prayer • Homilies • On National Celebrations • On Theology and Government in India • On Preaching to the Poor

  • Title: Sermons Preached in Lincoln’s Inn Chapel, Vol. IV
  • Author: Maurice, Frederick Denison
  • Publisher: Macmillan and Co.
  • Publication Date: 1892