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Products>History of New Testament Research, Volume Three: From C. H. Dodd to Hans Dieter Betz

History of New Testament Research, Volume Three: From C. H. Dodd to Hans Dieter Betz

ISBN: 9780800699185

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In this masterful work, William Baird continues his insightful, balanced, and accessible survey of the major developments in New Testament scholarship. Volume 3 charts the dramatic discoveries and breakthroughs in method and approach that characterized the mid- and late twentieth century. This volume presents the development and significance of notable movements, such as the Bultmann School, the development of scholarly societies like SBL, and various theological and hermeneutical developments. More than a mere list of trends in New Testament studies, Baird contextually situates prominent figures, developments, and approaches of New Testament studies in order to trace undergirding trajectories for a holistic and organic view of New Testament scholarship.

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Top Highlights

“Cadbury also agrees with the form critics that the order of the narrative in the Gospels is not reliable” (Page 19)

“Karl Barth’s Dogmatics is one of the greatest works in the history of Christian doctrine” (Page 68)

“Bultmann affirmed the basic Kiekegaardian dialectic of the infinite qualitative difference between time and eternity” (Page 88)

“The center of Paul’s theology, according to Keck, is the pivotal event of the death and resurrection of Christ” (Page 628)

“Cadbury’s many books and articles on the NT give primary attention to Luke-Acts—a term he apparently coined” (Page 18)


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