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The New Testament (Fortress Commentary on the Bible)

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The Fortress Commentary on the Bible: The New Testament presents a balanced synthesis of current scholarship, enabling readers to interpret Scripture for a complex and pluralistic world. The contributors bring a rich diversity of perspectives to the task of connecting solid historical critical analysis of the Scripture with sensitivity to theological, cultural, and interpretive issues arising in our encounter with the text. The contributors represent a broad array of theological commitment—Protestants, Catholics, Jews, and others.

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“For example, many question the ancient understanding that the order of active male superiority and passive female subordination is woven into creation. Ideas about gender have changed over time in interaction with culture and religion. In more and more societies, equality of men and women is a fundamental value. Therefore, the logic of the text that understands same-sex intercourse to be a violation of this natural order and therefore an apt example of the consequences of idolatry is no longer accepted. For those who hold more traditional views about the relationship of male and female, its logic remains convincing.” (Page 401)

“The dualistic mind-set that undergirds this letter is not helpful for navigating the diversity of belief systems and worldviews of our global community.” (Page 536)

“They reassure people experiencing distress that God’s favor is with them.” (Page 138)

“His argument begins by showing the Colossian believers that their story is rooted in the story of Jesus: they have come to fullness in him (2:10); they were spiritually circumcised in him (2:11); they were buried with him in baptism (2:12); they were raised with him (2:12, 3:1); and they were made alive with him (2:13). All of this was made possible because Jesus, the head of every ruler and authority, erased the legal record against them, setting it aside.” (Page 563)

“Rather, they announce God’s favor on certain situations and actions” (Page 138)


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Digital list price: $36.99
Save $8.00 (21%)