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Church of God Digital Library Collection 12


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The Church of God Digital Library, which includes some of Gospel Trumpet/Warner Press’ most popular works, provides an exciting understanding of the theology and spirituality that drives the Church of God (Anderson, Indiana). This collection is the perfect combination of theologies, biographies, and commentaries for in-depth Bible study from a Church of God perspective.

Church of God Digital Library includes numerous authors who have contributed to the understanding of God’s call upon His church to holiness and unity. Many of these authors have spoken to the present-day thirst for an experiential relationship with God through salvation and sanctification. These works provide a tremendous understanding to biblical spirituality.

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  • Title: Church of God Digital Library Collection 12
  • Publisher: Gospel Trumpet/Warner Press

J Grant Anderson

  • Sex Life and Home Problems, 1921

Maurice Berquist

  • The Doctor Is In (text only version), 1981
  • When Divorce Strikes, 1982
  • When Financial Pressure Becomes Unbearable, 1983
  • When Nothing Seems to go Right, 1983
  • When Someone Hurts You, 1983
  • When the Bible Seems Confusing, 1983
  • When You Feel Like a Misfit, 1983
  • When You Feel Rejected by Family, 1982
  • When You Lose a Loved One, 1983
  • When You Need a Friend, 1983
  • When You Need Direction, 1983
  • When You Seek Healing, 1982
  • When You Pray … and Nothing Happens, 1983

Boyce Blackwelder

  • The NT Standard of Christian Unity, 1938
  • An Investigation of the Phrase Yom Yahweh, 1944

Axchie A. Bolitho

  • Living Testimony of Love
  • To the Chief Singer, 1942

Barry L. Callen

  • Faithful in the Meantime, 1997
  • God as Loving Grace, 1996
  • Contours of a Cause, 1995

Everett I. Carver

  • The Promise of the Father, 1963
  • When Jesus Comes Again, 1979

Green, John L.

  • Pioneer Evangelists of the Pacific NW, 1940

Joseph Lunsford

  • Leviticus 101, 2007

Earl L. Martin

  • The Wondrous Cross, 1946
  • You Can be a Christian, 1956

James E. Massey

  • The Responsible Pulpit, 1974

John A. Morrison

  • As the River Flows, 1962

Donald W. Neace

  • The Expanded Editorials, 2005

Charles E. Orr

  • The Gospel Day, 1904

Warren C. Roark

  • Light on the Christian’s Path, 1949

F. G. Smith

  • What the Bible Teaches (original 1914 edition), 1914

Study Committee

  • Biblical Guidelines for the Local Church, 1986

Effie M. Williams

  • Trials and Triumphs of Eva Grant, 1936
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Collection value: $243.64
Save $144.65 (59%)