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The Sabbath and the Lord's Day
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The Sabbath and the Lord's Day


James L. Fleming 2005

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From the Introduction: If a system of worship is wrong, then all the labor to build up a system is misdirected effort. We sincerely believe that the whole Sabbatarian contention is resting upon a wrong premise. After a most careful study of the question, we believe that the Scriptures do not support the observance of the seventh day under the Christian dispensation.

All truth runs parallel. Truth never contradicts. If we can adduce a single truth against the observance of Saturday-keeping under the gospel, then let it be borne in mind that every other truth is against it. If we can sustain our position by a single truth, then all truth upholds it. On this eternal principle we build our arguments. It is the truth we want. With open hearts let us carefully investigate the whole subject.

I kindly ask our Sabbatarian friends to go with me in the perusal of this important subject, and in our study together, may the Holy Spirit lead us into a correct knowledge of the truth.


  • The Sabbath; When Originated and When First Enjoined Upon Man
  • The Sabbath a Jewish Institution
  • The Jewish Sabbath Ceremonial in Nature
  • The Sabbath on a Round Earth*
  • The Covenant from Sinai
  • The Covenant from Sinai Abolished
  • Smith's Two Covenants*
  • The Law
  • The Abolition of the Law
  • Moses, the Mediator of the Law
  • The Decalog
  • The Seventh-Day Sabbath as Mentioned in the New Testament
  • The Old Sabbath Repealed*
  • The Jewish Sabbath Abolished
  • The New Covenant
  • The Law of Christ
  • The Christian's Law
  • The Old and New Sabbaths Contrasted
  • The Lord's Day
  • The Great Memorial Day of the Gospel
  • First Day Observance
  • Why Christians Keep the Lord's Day
  • The Lord's Day Prefigured in the Old Testament
  • How the Lord's Day Should Be Observed
  • The Pope and the Sabbath
  • Sunday-Keeping Is Not the Mark of the Beast

Product Details

  • Title: The Sabbath and the Lord's Day
  • Author: Herbert M. Riggle
  • Publisher: Gospel Trumpet
  • Publication Date: 1918
  • Pages: 157

About Herbert M. Riggle

Herbert M. Riggle is the author of The Sabbath and the Lord's Day, Roman-Catholicism in the Light of Their Own Scriptures and Authorities, and Christ's Kingdom and Reign.

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