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The Christian Church: Its Rise and Progress
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The Christian Church: Its Rise and Progress


James L. Fleming 2005

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From the Preface: In presenting this work to the reading public, I think it proper to state that in its preparation I have not gleaned extensively from the archives of history, but have treated the subject more from a Scriptural than from a historical standpoint. There are other works that treat the subject historically, some presenting a narrative of the church, others a mere compilation of historical facts and evidences.—H. M. Riggle


  • Israel's Night
  • The Gospel Day Foretold
  • The Morning Light is Breaking
  • The Pristine Glory—The Ushering in of a Clear Day
  • The Primitive Church
  • Figures in Which the New Testament Church is Presented
  • The Primitive Church a Triumphant Church
  • The Government of the Church
  • Classification of the Primitive Ministry
  • The Humble Equality of the Apostolic Ministry
  • The Great Apostasy Foretold
  • It Came Early in the Christian Era
  • The Falling Away
  • The Reign of Popery
  • The Dark Ages—Night
  • The Length of the Papal Reign Measured by Inspiration
  • The Reformation
  • Protestantism
  • Sect-Making
  • The Church of God and Sects Constrasted
  • A Cloudy Time
  • Downfall of Spiritual Babylon
  • God Calls His People Out
  • The Evening Light
  • A Pure Church Restored
  • A Worldwide Movement
  • The Saints Will Have Universal Dominion
  • Gog and Magog; Or, the Final Conflict
  • The End of All False Religions and of Their Devotees
  • The Eternal Home of the Church

Product Details

  • Title: The Christian Church: Its Rise and Progress
  • Author: Herbert M. Riggle
  • Publisher: Gospel Trumpet
  • Publication Date: 1912

About Herbert M. Riggle

Herbert M. Riggle is the author of The Sabbath and the Lord's Day, Roman-Catholicism in the Light of Their Own Scriptures and Authorities, and Christ's Kingdom and Reign.

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