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Hell and Everlasting Punishment
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Hell and Everlasting Punishment


James L. Fleming 2005

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From the Preface: Several so-called religious publishing-houses are sending forth books and tracts by the thousands, trying to overthrow the doctrine of everlasting punishment. It is actually surprising to see the multitudes that readily grasp such teaching; and once the fears of hell are cooled in their bosoms, many give vent to unbridled lust and thus plunge their souls farther down towards the realms of woe. Convince a man that he will simply be blotted out of existence, pass into eternal unconsciousness, into oblivion, and thus be freed from the sense of eternal misery, and in most cases he prefers a life in the pleasures of sin.

All such doctrines are invented by the devil, advocated by false prophets, and are rank deceptions. The doctrine of annihilation is entirely without Scriptural support, and yet many texts are wrested to support it. Such terms as “death,” “destruction,” “perish,” and “burn up” are explained to mean nothing else than a blotting out of existence.

I ask the reader to peruse carefully the contents of this little book. Do not cast it aside with prejudiced mind. You will find that it clearly sets forth the truth and answers every objection to eternal damnation.

In our evangelistic work, we everywhere meet so many who have been deceived by false teaching and literature that I feel constrained to blow this blast of warning and truth from the trumpet of God.—H. M. Riggle


  • There is a Hell
  • Man Must Pay the Penalty of a Broken Law
  • The Goodness and the Severity of God
  • A Fearful Doom Awaits the Wicked
  • Eternal Punishment Does Not Reflect on the Character of Christ
  • The Wicked Will Go into Hell
  • Hell Will be a Place of Fire
  • The Fires of Hell Will Burn Forever
  • The Punishment of the Guilty Will Be Unending
  • The Place and State of Future Punishment Termed "Outer Darkness," And in that Darkness the Wicked Will Wait and Gnash their Teeth Forever
  • The Future Punishment of the Guilty will Consist of Damnation, and that Damnation will be Eternal
  • The Torments of Hell Will Be Unending
  • There Will Be Degrees of Future Punishment
  • Death—The Wages of Sin
  • False Argument Refuted
  • Destroy
  • Perish
  • Consume
  • PSA. 37:1-2, 10, 35-36, and OBAD. 16
  • Will Not the Wicked be Burned Up?

Product Details

  • Title: Hell and Everlasting Punishment
  • Author: Herbert M. Riggle
  • Publisher: Gospel Trumpet
  • Pages: 108

About Herbert M. Riggle

Herbert M. Riggle is the author of The Sabbath and the Lord's Day, Roman-Catholicism in the Light of Their Own Scriptures and Authorities, and Christ's Kingdom and Reign.

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