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Beyond the Tomb
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Beyond the Tomb


James L. Fleming 2005

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From the Preface: This is the door into a storehouse of truth that deals with a vital subject. I hope that every reader will find some treasures “new and old.” The most interesting of all subjects should be “Man, his Nature and Destiny.”

The Bible is the only book that clearly reveals our nature and unlocks the mysteries of eternity. It lifts the curtain and gives us a look beyond the tomb. In this work I have appealed directly to its authentic testimony and endeavored to present facts. I have tried to be fair with those who hold opposite views. Their honesty and sincerity I do not question. All Iask is a careful perusal with unbiased mind. Let us reason together, that we may as certain the truth. Whatever the future holds in store for us will not long be a question, for very soon all of us will experience its solemn realities. The subject of this book is of eternal moment to every human being. May our readers imbibe the spirit of deep interest and pleasure that the writer has enjoyed in its preparation.—Herbert McClellan Riggle


  • Origin of Man
  • Life and Time
  • The Nature of Man in His Present State
  • Soul and Spirit
  • God, the Father of Spirits
  • The Human Spirit in Union with a Physical Body, or Man a Twofold Being
  • The Soul Is the Volitional Part of Our Being. It Is a Conscious Entity, And Is Immortal
  • Angels are Intelligent, Immortal Spirits
  • What Part of Man is Mortal?
  • That Which is Born of the Spirit is Spirit
  • A Present State of Spiritual Death and Spiritual Life Proves that the Spirit if Man is Distinct from the Body
  • Death a Separation
  • Absent from the Body and Present with the Lord
  • Dying Testimonies and Confirming Words
  • Conditional Immortality
  • The Intermediate State
  • Materialists' Arguments Considered
  • The Present Life a Probationary Day
  • Christ, the Sinner's Only Hope
  • How Shall We Escape If We Neglect So Great Salvation?
  • Two Ways, Two Classes, Two Destinies—Heaven and Hell
  • We Choose Our Destiny
  • The World in Awful Sleep
  • Prepare to Meet God
  • Your Soul on the Auction-Block
  • Rushing on to Perdition
  • Red Lights of Warning on the Broad Way to Hell
  • The Longsuffering of God, Its Design, and How Abused
  • Amassing or Accumulating Wrath Against the Day of Wrath
  • A Life of Sin Hard and Its Wages Sure
  • Life's Record Summed Up
  • The Certainty of Divine Retribution, And Terrible Consequences of Divine Abandonment
  • The Reward of Iniquity
  • The Goodness and Severity of God
  • The General Resurrection
  • After Death the Judgment
  • The Nature of God's Law Under the Old Covenant; Under the Law
  • The Enormity of Sin
  • The Penalty of Sin
  • The Bible Meaning of Hell
  • Hell a Place as Well as a State
  • The Nature of Punishment
  • Figures Employed to Denote the Punishment of the Finally Impenitent
  • There Will Be Degrees of Punishment Rated by the Light Received
  • Eternity
  • The Punishment of the Wicked Will Be to All Eternity
  • Annihilationists' Arguments Considered
  • The Eternal Home of the Redeemed

Product Details

  • Title: Beyond the Tomb
  • Author: Herbert M. Riggle
  • Publisher: Gospel Trumpet
  • Publication Date: 1929
  • Pages: 278

About Herbert M. Riggle

Herbert M. Riggle is the author of The Sabbath and the Lord's Day, Roman-Catholicism in the Light of Their Own Scriptures and Authorities, and Christ's Kingdom and Reign.

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