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The Age to Come, Millennium and Millennium: Doctrine Refuted
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The Age to Come, Millennium and Millennium: Doctrine Refuted


James L. Fleming 2005

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From the introduction: To ease the guilty conscience, and calm the fears of hell in the ungodly, satan devised the lie of Universalism. "Every sin shall be forgiven, and every road will end in heaven." This falsehood. which is an abomination in the light of the whole Bible, and utterly disgusting to reason and common sense, soon became so exposed, and stripped naked by the Word of God, that satan himself became ashamed of it. So he took the abominable beast back to the pit, sheared off some of its ugliness, put some new dressing on it, and called it hell redemption. The the devil got astride the same old lie and rode forth to console men on the road to hell, with the prospect of getting out all right, when the fires shall have burned up all their sins. But the hammer of God’s Word was plied to this delusion until its back was broken, and satan could not ride it any farther. So the devil getting weary of “WALKING THROUGH DRY PLACES,” finally, through the help of C. T. Russel of Pittsburgh Pa. has put the same old lie on its feet again, painted and disguised, and labeled “the age to come.” And now the fiend of hell has found “rest” for a “short time,” riding on the old creed, revived under a new name, and new garb. This Russel built him a very high tower, from which, by means of the devil’s telescope, he saw a very nice plan to comfort sinners on the road to perdition, and encourage them to give loose reins to the lusts of the flesh; and reject salvation now; with the, hope of being saved in the age to come.


  • We Shall Prove that we are in the Last Dispensation, or Age of Time
  • Not Righteousness, But Wickedness Shall Be Prevalent at the End of this Dispensation
  • The Coming of Christ We are to Look for will be the Instant of the General Resurrection, the Final Judgement, the Reward of the Righteous in Heaven and the Perdition of the Wicked into Eternal Punishment
  • The Supposed Coming Millennium is a Fraud, and False Tradition

Product Details

  • Title: The Age to Come, Millennium and Millennium: Doctrine Refuted
  • Author: Daniel S. Warner
  • Publisher: Gospel Trumpet
  • Pages: 48

About Daniel S. Warner

Daniel S. Warner is the author of Bible Proofs of a Second Work, Poems of Grace and Truth, and Salvation, Present, Perfect, Now or Never.

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