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Church of God Digital Library Collection 9

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This collection is no longer available for purchase and has been replaced by the Church of God Bundle (226 vols.).

This product is not currently available to purchase.


The Church of God Digital Library, which includes some of Gospel Trumpet/Warner Press’ most popular works, provides an exciting understanding of the theology and spirituality that drives the Church of God (Anderson, Indiana). This collection is the perfect combination of theologies, biographies, and commentaries for in-depth Bible study from a Church of God perspective.

Beginning with Daniel S. Warner, who espoused holiness and unity for God’s church in the 1880s, the Church of God Digital Library includes numerous authors who have contributed to the understanding of God’s call upon His church to holiness and unity. Many of these authors have spoken to the present-day thirst for an experiential relationship with God through salvation and sanctification. These works provide a tremendous understanding to biblical spirituality.

Interactivity and ease-of-use have increased with a fresh new format that guides the user through the entire software program. Read books, print study guide material, create word studies, reports, lists, and much more.

This package contains more than 300 books, commentaries, study guides, and devotionals worth over $2,400.00 in equivalent print editions!

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  • Over 300 books, commentaries, histories, theologies, study guides, and devotionals
  • Easily find the truths of God's Word through verse-by-verse teachings of the Bible
  • Customize searches, word studies, prayer lists, and your own Bible reading plan
  • What used to take hours of study and research can now be done in minutes!
  • Title: Church of God Digital Library Collection 9
  • Publisher: Gospel Trumpet/Warner Press

First Generation: 1880-1922

Daniel S. Warner

  • The Age to Come
  • Bible Proofs of the Second Work
  • The Cleansing of the Sanctuary
  • The Church of God
  • Elders and Deacons
  • The Evening Light
  • Innocence
  • Marriage and Divorce
  • Must We Sin
  • Salvation, Present, Perfect, Now or Never
  • Solemn Covenant
  • Train Your Children for Heaven
  • What is The Soul?

Herbert M. Riggle

  • Beyond the Tomb
  • Christian Baptism the Lord's Supper
  • Christ's Second Coming and What Will Follow
  • Christ's Triumphal Reign
  • Hell and Everlasting Punishment
  • I'm Glad I Settled It
  • Man, His Present and Future
  • The Christian Church
  • The Kingdom of God
  • The Sabbath
  • The Sabbath and the Lord's Day
  • The Seventy Weeks of Daniel
  • The Two Works of Grace

Charles E. Orr

  • A Religious Controversy
  • Christian Conduct
  • Food for Lambs
  • Heavenly Life for Earthly Living
  • Helps to Holy Living
  • How to Live a Holy Life
  • Odors from Golden Vials
  • The Christian Life
  • The Hidden Life
  • The Instruction of Youth
  • The More Abundant Life

A.L. Byers

  • Baptism
  • Birth of a Reformation
  • Footwashing
  • Pioneers of the Present Reformation
  • The Tongues-Evidence Theory
  • Two Hundred Genuine Instances

E.E. Byrum

  • How We Got Our Bible
  • The Ordinances of the Bible
  • Riches of Grace
  • Startling Incidents
  • The Secret of Salvation
  • What Shall I Do to be Saved?

D.O. Teasley

  • Historical Geography of the Bible
  • How to Conduct a Sunday School
  • Rays of Hope
  • The Double Cure
  • The Gospel Guide-Book
  • The Holy Spirit and Other Spirits

Charles W. Naylor

  • God's Will and How to Know It
  • Heart Talks
  • The Secret of the Singing Heart
  • The Teachings of D.S. Warner and His Associates
  • Winning A Crown

J.W. Byers

  • Bible Humility
  • The Grace of Healing
  • Parent and Child
  • Sanctification

F.G. Smith

  • The Gift of Tongues
  • The Last Reformation
  • The Revelation Explained
  • Sanctification & The Baptism of the Holy Spirit

William G. Schell

  • The Better Testament
  • Biblical Trace of the Church
  • The Ordinances of the New Testament Church




Additional Resources Included

  • J. Grant Anderson: Problems of Eternal Moment and Divine Healing
  • Isabel C. Byrum: The Value of a Praying Mother and The Pilot's Voice
  • Russell R. Byrum: Sanctification A Second Cleansing and Shadows of Good Things
  • J.W. Phelps: Our Ministerial Letter
  • Sarah Smith: Life Sketches of Sarah Smith
  • George P. Tasker: St. Paul and His Gospel
  • Henry C. Wickersham: A History of the Church
  • Various Authors: Gospel Trumpet Articles on Sanctification











Second Generation: 1923-1963 

Charles E. Brown

  • The Apostolic Church
  • The Church Beyond Division
  • The Confusion of Tongues
  • The Hope of His Coming
  • The Meaning of Salvation
  • The Meaning of Sanctification
  • Modern Religious Faiths
  • A New Approach to Christian Unity
  • The Reign of Christ
  • The Way of Prayer
  • We Preach Christ
  • When the Trumpet Sounded

Lawrence J. Chesnut

  • The Battle of Armageddon
  • Can a Christian Fall from Grace
  • Divine Physical Healing for You
  • The Kingdom of God: Time, Nature and Place
  • The Sabbath: Mosaic and Christian
  • The Spiritual Home of God's Redeemed
  • True Bible Tongues
  • Twentieth Chapter of Revelation Explained
  • Was the Devil One Time an Angel in Heaven?
  • Will There Be A Millennium?



Robert L. Berry

  • Adventures in the Land of Canaan
  • Constructive Evangelism
  • Guide to Christian Stewardship
  • The Holy Spirit
  • Redemption Explained Through Pictures & Symbols
  • Redemption Through Christ
  • The Soul-Winners Guide
  • Steps Heavenward
  • Teachings of the Book

Albert J. Kempin

  • Daniel for Today
  • How to Live a Christian Life
  • The King's Parables
  • Revelation for Today
  • Twelve Great Chapters from the Book of Life
  • Why the Millennial Doctrine is Not Biblical

Boyce Blackwelder

  • Light from the Greek New Testament
  • Thirty Errors of Modern Tongues Advocates
  • Toward Understanding Paul
  • Toward Understanding Romans
  • Toward Understanding Thessalonians

Albert F. Gray

  • Christian Theology
  • How to Study the Bible
  • The Nature of the Church
  • Studies in Christian Theology: Book One
  • Studies in Christian Theology: Book Two

Earl L. Martin

  • The Gospel of Luke
  • This We Believe... This We Proclaim
  • Toward Understanding God
  • We Must Evangelize
  • Work & Organization of the Local Church

Cecil M. Washington

  • Have Ye Received the Holy Spirit Since Ye Believed
  • The Truth About Divorce and Remarriage
  • The Truth About the Millennium
  • What the Bible Teaches About Speaking in Tongues

Otto F. Linn

  • The Gospel of John
  • The Gospel of Mark
  • Studies in the New Testament: Volume I
  • Studies in the New Testament: Volume II
  • Studies in the New Testament: Volume III

T. Franklin Miller

  • Life and Teachings of Jesus
  • The Growing Christian
  • You Can Have a Better Sunday School

Hillery C. Rice

  • And Be Baptized
  • Seeking to Know the Will of God
  • Tell Me About the Church

Herbert M. Riggle

  • Jesus is Coming Again
  • The New Testament Church
  • Primitive Church Government

Warren C. Roark

  • The Church
  • Divine Healing
  • The Holy Spirit

George P. Tasker

  • Expository Talks on the Second Coming
  • The King is Coming
  • Organization and Life




Additional Resources Included

  • Harold W. Boyer: The Apostolic Church and the Apostasy and The Way of Love
  • Russell R. Byrum: Christian Theology and Holy Spirit Baptism & The Second Cleansing
  • R.C. Caudill: Facts, Phases and Features of the Church and The Bible Gift of Tongues
  • Fred W. Hopkins: After This Manner Pray Ye and The Holy Spirit's Family
  • James Earl Massey: When Thou Prayest and The Worshipping Church
  • Adam W. Miller: Brief Introduction to the New Testament and The Gospel of Matthew
  • Harold L. Phillips: A Man of Tarsus and Translators and Translations
  • William E. Reed: A Story to Tell and Winning Others to Christ
  • F.G. Smith: A Brief Sketch of the Origin, Growth and Prophetic Lectures on Daniel and the Revelation and What the Bible Teaches
  • John W.V. Smith: Heralds of a Brighter Day
  • R. Eugene Sterner: We Reach Our Hands and You Have a Ministry
  • A.Q. Bridwell: Unraveling Revelations
  • Irene Smith Caldwell: Teaching that Makes a Difference
  • Everett I. Carver: The Second Cleansing
  • Max R. Gaulke: May Thy Kingdom Come... Now!
  • George E. Harmon: The Gift of Tongues
  • Clarence W. Hatch: Stewardship Enriches Life
  • Dan Harmon: The Contributions of D.O. Teasley
  • Will Hughes: Speaking in Tongues
  • Charles Ludwig: At the Cross
  • Fay C. Martin: Availing Prayer
  • John A. Morrison: Triumphant Living
  • Claire W. Schultz: Faith That Moves Mountains
  • Sarah Smith: Life Sketches of Sarah Smith
  • Paul A. Tanner: The Church: The Body of Christ
  • Various Authors: Basics for Belief




Third Generation: 1964 to Present

William C. Neece

  • 20 Questions for You
  • The 70 Weeks of Daniel
  • The Andrew and Timothy Program of Evangelism
  • Biblical Answers About Baptism
  • Biblical Guidelines for Giving
  • Biblical Pattern for the Local Church
  • Book A: Beginning Discipleship
  • Book B: Intermediate Discipleship
  • Book C: Advanced Discipleship
  • The Book of Jude
  • Christ's Second Coming
  • Eternal Security
  • The Gift of the Spirit
  • Giving a Gospel Invitation
  • Group Growth Manual
  • Handbook for a Local Church Revival
  • Herein We Stand
  • His Lordship Our Stewardship
  • How to Care for New Converts
  • How to Do Personal Work at the Altar
  • How to Lead a Soul to Christ
  • How to Pray for Revival
  • The Ministry of Visitation Evangelism
  • The Name of the Church
  • The Pastor and His Family
  • The Pastor's Platform Leadership
  • Praying Always with All Prayer
  • Preparing for Personal Revival
  • Reproductive Evangelism
  • Sound Doctrine
  • Study Notes on the Book of Romans
  • The Ten Notes of Biblical Preaching
  • Total Church Program
  • Various View of Prophecy
  • What God Says About Security
  • What to Wear to the War


Henry C. Heffren

  • A Bible Examination of the Book 'The Late Great Earth'
  • The Church and the Kingdom of God
  • Daniel's Prophecy
  • An Examination of Daniel's Prophecy
  • The Father's Good Pleasure
  • Five Smooth Stones
  • God's Will for His Heirs
  • The Glory of Israel
  • The Holy Spirit and the Charismatic Movement
  • The Kingdom and the Church of God
  • The Kingdom of God Fulfilled
  • The Messiah in Zechariah
  • The Mission of the Messiah
  • The Nibblers' Banquet
  • Radio Bible Course
  • The Relationship Between God's Law and God's Love
  • Revelation: God's Great Disclosure
  • The Scripture Cannot Be Broken
  • Show Me Your Books
  • The Sign of His Coming
  • A Study of Final Election Results
  • There's a Great Day Coming
  • Thine is the Kingdom
  • Things Most Surely Believed
  • Things Which Become Sound Doctrine
  • Thoughts on the Nature of God
  • Who is the Antichrist?



Harold W. Boyer

  • Beyond Damascus Road
  • Gifts of the Spirit
  • The Holy Spirit
  • How to Make Your Religion Exciting
  • Know
  • Lest We Forget
  • Peace of Mind
  • Peace of Mind—A 30 Day Devotional
  • When God Steps In

O.L. Johnson

  • Bible Typology
  • Doctrine of the New Birth
  • GOD
  • The Kingdom of God
  • The New Testament Church
  • The Second Coming of Christ
  • Standards of the Christian Dress

James L. Fleming

  • Daniel
  • Practical Wisdom for Everyday Living
  • Rebuilding the Wall
  • Where are You Going Jonah?


Additional Resources Included

  • Charles Ludwig: At the Cross
  • John W. Conley: Confusion Clarified
  • Raymond Cotton: Effective Leadership Development
  • T. Franklin Miller: The Work of the Pastor
  • R. Eugene Sterner: The Pastor's Class
  • Meadow Park Church of God: You Can Do This


The Church of God Digital Library Also Includes the Following Collections

Kenneth E. Jones Collection

  • Christian Stewardship
  • The Commitment to Holiness
  • Divorce and Remarriage
  • Divorce and Remarriage: Study Guide
  • The Gospel in Revelation
  • Let's Study the Bible
  • The Minor Prophets
  • Saving Faith in Jesus
  • What About the Gift of Tongues?

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  1. Jeff Hancock

    Jeff Hancock


  2. Raymond Sevilla
  3. Roy L. Conwell, Jr.
    A tremendous collection of Church of God Reformation Movement resources. I highly recommend this collection to all evening light saints and scholars.

This product is not currently available to purchase.