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Fresh Ideas for Families, Youth & Children


How can churches strengthen families as units, not just assist individual members? What’s been effective in building strong marriages? Can you minister successfully to college students while they’re away? (Yes!) How old is too old for youth leaders? (You might be surprised.) Can video games teach spiritual disciplines? How can young children be taught to minister to others?

Here are hundreds of innovative solutions from churches all across the United States and Canada, gathered and arranged by the editors of LEADERSHIP and LEADERSHIP 100 into seven major sections:

  • Family and Parents
  • Couples
  • Collegians
  • Teens
  • Children in School
  • Young Children
  • Across The Age Levels

Product Details

  • Title: Fresh Ideas for Families, Youth & Children
  • Editors: Dean Merrill and Marshall Shelley
  • Publisher: Christianity Today, Word Books
  • Publication Date: 1984