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Fresh Ideas for Administration & Finance


What’s the fairest way to set a pastoral salary? Volunteer secretaries: how do you maximize their willingness? What’s the key to shorter board meetings? Does growth always mean another building program? (No!) How does a church keep benevolences from becoming another welfare system? What are the best ways to use video? Computers? How many committees does a church really need?

Here are hundreds of innovative solutions from churches all across the United States and Canada, gathered and arranged by the editors of Leadership and Leadership 100 into eight major sections:

  • The Office and Staff
  • Boards and Committees
  • Facilities
  • Materials and Equipment
  • Finances
  • Scheduling
  • Communication
  • The Minister’s Personal Life

Product Details

  • Title: Fresh Ideas for Administration & Finance
  • Editors: Marshall Shelley and Dean Merrill
  • Publisher: Word Books
  • Publication Date: 1984
  • Pages: 168