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Fresh Ideas for Discipleship & Nurture


What’s the connection between faith and the job? How does a church help those who have no job? How do we motivate Christians to pray, not just discuss prayer? Anyone for fasting? Will adults get serious about learning? (Yes.) How much counseling is enough? Does serving stop at age 65? (No.) What do single parents need most?

Here are hundreds of innovative solutions from churches all across the United States and Canada, gathered and arranged by the editors of LEADERSHIP and LEADERSHIP 100 into seven major sections:

  • Discipleship
  • Prayer
  • Education
  • Serving
  • Counseling
  • Fellowship
  • Older Adults

Product Details

  • Title: Fresh Ideas for Discipleship & Nurture
  • Editors: Dean Merrill and Marshall Shelley
  • Publisher: Christianity Today, Word Books
  • Publication Date: 1984