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Judges: A Commentary in the Wesleyan Tradition (NBBC)

ISBN: 9780834124073
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The book of Judges both fires the imagination and chills the soul. Great victories over the strong were won by the weak. Oppressed and enslaved, the tribes of Israel struggled against the opposing forces equipped with the most advanced technology. The four soldiers of Barak fought the battalions of chariots commanded by Sisera. The Philistines who knew the secret of smelting iron equipped their armies with modern weapons while the Israelites had few weapons to fight with. Yet the God of Israel fought for his people. Led by a charismatic leader chosen by God, the victorious armies wrested their freedom from the hands of their oppressors.

Robert D. Branson's commentary moves verse-by-verse through the book of Judges and provides illuminating insight into a book that records not only the triumphs of war but also the depths of human depravity.

  • The latest scholarship from notable experts in the Wesleyan tradition
  • Convenient introductory material for each book of the Bible including information on authorship, date, history, audience, sociological/cultural issues, purpose, literary features, theological themes, hermeneutical issues, and more
  • Clear verse-by-verse explanations, which offer a contemporary, Wesleyan-based understanding derived from the passage’s original language
  • Comprehensive annotation divided into three sections: 1. Background elements behind the text 2. Verse-by-verse details and meanings found in the text 3. Significance, relevance, intertextuality, and application from the text
  • Insight into theological issues, word meanings, archaeological connections, historical relevance, cultural customs, and more
  • Expanded bibliography for further study of historical elements, additional interpretations, and theological themes
  • Alex Varughese
  • Roger Hahn
  • George Lyons
  • Joseph Coleson
  • Robert Branson
  • Jim Edlin
  • Kent Brower
  • George Lyons
  • Jeanne Serrão
  • Title: Judges: A Commentary in the Wesleyan Tradition
  • Author: Robert D. Branson
  • Series: New Beacon Bible Commentary (NBBC)
  • Publisher: Beacon Hill Press
  • Publication Date: 2009
  • Pages: 189

Robert D. Branson, former professor of Biblical Literature at Olivet Nazarene University, also taught at Warner Southern College and Eastern Nazarene College. He has retired and lives with his wife in Pendleton, Indiana.