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Mobile Ed: TH265 Free Grace Theology (12 hour course - audio)

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Have you ever wondered, “Can I lose my salvation?” or “Does God choose who is saved?” or “What does Jesus mean when he talks about rewards?” In TH265 Free Grace Theology, Dr. Bob Wilkin explores these and other questions related to salvation. You’ll see how Free Grace theology compares to Calvinism and Arminianism, and how it relates to the Lordship salvation view. Dr. Wilkin walks through the key issues and discusses relevant biblical passages with a clear and simple teaching style. Whether you are a proponent of Free Grace Theology or not, this course will challenge you to think through what the Scriptures have to say.

This is the audio only version of TH265 Free Grace Theology. To purchase the full course, click here.

Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • Unit 1: An Overview of Free Grace Theology
  • Unit 2: Saving Faith: Believing the Promise of Life
  • Unit 3: The Assurance of Salvation
  • Unit 4: The Final Judgments of Believers and Unbelievers
  • Unit 5: Transformation: Being Renewed by the Word of God
  • Unit 6: Main Objections to Free Grace Theology
  • Unit 7: Free Grace Theology in Church History
  • Unit 8: Free Grace Theology Compared with Calvinism and Arminianism
  • Unit 9: Key Theological Words and Free Grace Theology
  • Unit 10: Addressing Tough Texts with Free Grace Theology
  • Conclusion

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Robert Wilkin

Dr. Bob Wilkin received his ThM and PhD from Dallas Theological Seminary. He has served as a campus evangelist with Campus Crusade for Christ, a hospital chaplain, a pastor, and a Bible college professor, and he is the founder and executive director of the parachurch organization Grace Evangelical Society (

Dr. Wilkin has written seven books covering assurance of salvation, eternal rewards, key words in the Bible, final judgment, difficult New Testament texts, clarity in evangelism, and Calvinism. He is the editor of and a contributor to The Grace New Testament Commentary and he has written hundreds of magazine and journal articles. Bob regularly speaks across the country and occasionally speaks overseas.

Enjoy September's Monthly Sale


Regular price: $119.99
Save $55.00 (45%)