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The Heart of Evangelism

Format: Digital
, 2001
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All Christians are called. CAlled to love God with all that we are. Called to serve Him. Called to reach out to the lost. However, when we are honest, the majority of us would admit that we find this last calling the most difficult. We gladly support the evangelistic ministries of other, but most of us feel discouraged by our own attempts at witnessing because of memorized approaches do not seem to be effective

This biblical study of evangelism gracefully reminds us all that the New TEstament model of witnessing is not one-size-fits-all. With compassion for the lost filling every page, Jerram Barrs shows us the variety of approaches used in the New Testament. This the same true, timeless, unchanging Gospel was presented as differently as the audience, calling us to follow its example.

Key Features

  • Challenges readers to learn to witness within their own circumstances of life
  • Shows how evangelism should not feel like a difficulty or chore
  • Discover what a privilege it is to live out the heart of evangelism


  • Section One: Mission to the World
    • Sent to All Nations
    • The Power of the Spirit
    • Horizons for Our Mission
    • How Clear Was Jesus?
    • “Whom Shall I Send? And Who Will Go for Me?”
    • What About Me?
    • Where Do We Begin?
    • For What Are We to Pray?
    • After Prayer, What Comes Next?
    • Living Faithfully in the Workplace
    • A Life of Love
    • An Open Home
    • The New Community
  • Section Two: The Kindness of Perseverance of God
    • Is God Reluctant?
    • A Reluctant Evangelist
    • The Importance of Our History
    • God’s Infinite Variety of Means I
    • God’s Infinite Variety of Means II
    • A Personal Testimony
  • Section Three: Barriers in the Way of Communicating the Gospel
    • Barriers Within Ourselves
    • Barriers Between the Church and the World I
    • Barriers Between the Church and the World II
    • Barriers Between the World and the Church
    • What Is My Neighbor Thinking About Me?
    • The Pharisee Within
    • Memorized Summaries of the Gospel
  • Section Four: Making the Gospel Known
    • All Things to All People
    • Showing Respect—Principle I
    • Jesus Shows the Way
    • Building Bridges for the Gospel—Principle II
    • Understanding What Others Believe—Principle III
    • Revealing the Heart’s Secrets I
    • Revealing the Heart’s Secrets II
    • Speaking the Right Language—Principle IV
    • Reasoned Persuasion—Principle V
    • Answering the Objections to Reasoned Persuasion
    • Clarifying the Good News—Principle VI
    • Challenging the Heart and Mind—Principle VII

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Finishing three books due out in 2009: Through His Eyes: God’s Perspective on Women in the Bible (February 2009) Learning Evangelism from Jesus (May 2009) Echoes of Eden: Reflections on Christianity and the Arts (2009) Developing a Biblical Approach to

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Regular price: $18.99
Save $9.00 (47%)