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Jehovah's Witness Literature

Format: Digital
, 1993
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Jehovah's Witness Literature: A Critical Guide to Watchtower Publications is an up-to-date review of more than 100 years of writings. Arranged chronologically, the book is divided into four main eras: the Russell era from 1879 to 1916, the Rutherford era from 1917 to 1942, the Knorr era from 1942 to 1977 and the Franz era from 1977 to 1992. Reed discusses the books, periodicals, booklets, tracts and pamphlets that were published during each period, and the pinpoints the place of each significant piece of literature in the historical development of the sect and its theology.

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With a twice-monthly printing in excess of 16 million copies per issue, The Watchtower magazine now approaches the circulation of such all-time favorites as Reader’s Digest and T.V. Guide and easily outsells the combined total of Time, Newsweek, and U.S. News & World Report. Jehovah's Witness Literature will educate you on the message and intentions of Watchtower publications.

From the Introduction

In view of the fact that JW literature is the chief means of propagating this false gospel, Christians engaged in defending the faith cannot afford to be ignorant of the books and magazines being delivered to their doors and to the doors of their relatives, friends, and neighbors. As Paul quoted Greek altar inscriptions and “your own poets” when he talked to the men of Athens, we may find it helpful to be familiar with what the Watchtower has written when we talk with Jehovah’s Witnesses (Acts 17:23, 28). But, since the sheer volume of such material is overwhelming, a guide to Jehovah’s Witness literature is needed. This book is intended to meet that need.
  • Origins
  • An Overview
  • The Charles Taze Russell Era: 1879-1916
  • The Joseph F. Rutherford Era: 1917-1942
  • The Nathan H. Knorr Era: 1942-1977
  • The Frederick W. Franz Era: 1977-1992
  • The Milton G. Henschel Era Begins
  • Watchtower Bible Commentaries
  • Title: Jehovah’s Witness Literature: Critical Guide to Watchtower Publication
  • Author: David A. Reed
  • Edition: electronic ed.
  • Publisher: Baker
  • Print Publication Date: 1993
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  • ISBN: 080100182
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