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Semeia 3: Classical Hebrew Narrative


Semeia is an experimental journal devoted to the exploration of new and emergent areas and methods of biblical criticism. Studies employing the methods, models, and findings of linguistics, folklore studies, contemporary literary criticism, structuralism, social anthropology, and other such disciplines and approaches, are invited. Although experimental in both form and content, Semeia proposes to publish work that reflects a well defined methodology that is appropriate to the material being interpreted.

Key Features

  • Key perspectives on biblical criticsim
  • Includes bibliographies and index


  • Dan Ben-Amos
  • W. Malcolm Clark
  • Robert C. Culley
  • George W. Coats
  • David M. Gunn
  • Burke O. Long
  • Sean E. McEvenue
  • Robert Polzin
  • David Robertson
  • Gene M. Tucker
  • Hugh C. White

Product Details

  • Title: Semeia 3: Classical Hebrew Narrative
  • Editor: Robert C. Culley
  • Publisher: Society of Biblical Literature
  • Publication Date: 1975
  • Pages: 149