Products>Christianity Today, vol. 5 (October 1960–September 1961) (25 issues)

Christianity Today, vol. 5 (October 1960–September 1961) (25 issues)

Format: Digital
, 1960–1961


Christianity Today has been at the forefront of news and analysis from a Christian perspective for over 60 years. In this resource, we’re digitizing one of the earliest volumes—for the first time ever! Providing essays from leading lights in Evangelicalism, this resource is vital for anyone wanting to study unpublished essays by top scholars and understand the early history of Evangelicalism. These resources are made even more accessible in Logos, allowing you to search through a year of writings quickly and efficiently.

Key Features

  • Covers a whole year of news from a Christian perspective
  • Provides articles from top evangelical scholars
  • Contains material that has never been digitized until now

Cover Stories Included

  • The Church and Awakening Groups
  • The Protestant-Catholic Dialogue
  • Evangelism and the Modern Dilemma
  • The Limits of Biblical Criticism
  • The Red Horse at Christmas
  • Christianity and Modern Cults
  • The Living Plus Sign
  • General and Special Revelation
  • The Church and Affliction
  • The Years in Books
  • Plea for Christian Day Schools
  • The Atonement and Men Today
  • Christianity and Existentialism
  • Crisis of the Ecumenical Movement
  • Christ’s Finality: A Lost Vision?
  • Post-Modernity: A Sequel
  • The Tragic Loss of Our Era
  • The ‘Post-Protestant’ Era
  • Dream, Drift, and Destiny
  • Evangelicals and Roman Catholics
  • Listen, People, Listen!
  • The Trend In Britain
  • The Bible and Our Faith
  • Why Evangelical Colleges Die
  • Fall Book Issue

Product Details

  • Title: Christianity Today (1960–1961)
  • Series: Christianity Today
  • Publisher: Christianity Today
  • Publication Date: October 1960–September 1961
  • Issues: 25
  • Resource Type: Magazine
  • Topic: Christianity

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