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Bibelen 2011 (Bokmål). Det Norske Bibelselskap


In 2000, the Norwegian Bible Society began revising the 1978/85 Bible translation, but it soon developed into a translation in its own right. This enterprise involved a number of people: expert theologians, academics, linguists as well as literary authors and poets. Completed in 2011, this translation is as close to the source texts Hebrew and Greek as possible, presenting the Bible in a high quality, viable Norwegian, for our time. The translation is published in both official languages of Norwegian: Bokmål (the major) and Nynorsk. This bokmål translation is both readable and accurate and includes explanatory notes on words, terms and names, a glossary, timetables, lists of New Testament texts with Old Testament references, new maps and readings for Sunday services. Bibelen 2011 is the authorized Bible for the Church of Norway.

Founded in 1816, the Norwegian Bible Society set out to make the Bible available to the Norwegian people. The first translation based on the original Hebrew and Greek was published in 1904 and revised in 1930. This edition is still available for sale. A new and modern translation based on dynamic principles was completed in 1978. It became Norway’s most widely used translation in the years to follow and was revised in 1985. In 2011, the Norwegian Bible Society published a new and more concordant translation, and it became Norway’s best-selling book that year. The Norwegian Bible collection includes Bible translations in both official languages of Norwegian: Bokmål (the major) and Nynorsk. Our Bible translations include explanatory notes, glossary, timetables, maps, and readings for Sunday’s service.

Key Features

  • Contains numerous maps and explanatory notes, as well as timetables and Sunday service readings
  • Provides readable yet accurate translations
  • Title: Bibelen 2011 (Bokmål)
  • Edition: 1. opplag
  • Publishers: The Norwegian Bible Society, Bibelselskapet
  • Print Publication Date: 2011
  • Logos Release Date: 2016
  • Language: Norwegian
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  • Format: Digital › Logos Research Edition
  • Subject: Bibel › Norske
  • Resource ID: LLS:NORBBLBOKMAL2011
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