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This practical and doctrinal commentary draws upon the expertise of outstanding evangelical scholars, offering a complete and authoritative explanation of the backgrounds and meaning of Scripture. Comprehensive in its scope, reliable in its scholarship, and easy-to-use by students, preachers, and teachers alike. Includes book introductions, outlines, cross-references, and 48 in-text maps.

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“Christ and His church constitute one living organism. The church is His body, and He is the Head of that one body.” (Page 2415)

“Faith is leaving our problem with Christ, accepting His Word, and going on our way.” (Page 2087)

“It means side roads that deviate from the straight path of right.” (Page 1160)

“One very important reason Christians are to assemble is for reciprocal encouragement, strengthening, and stirring up that they can gain from one another (cf. Col 3:12–16). Without such assembling all this is impossible.” (Page 2566)

“John begins his gospel with a series of declarative statements about the deity of Christ. In contrast to the other gospels, John begins his gospel in eternity past. Matthew, who portrays Christ as the King, begins with a genealogy to prove His Davidic lineage. Mark, who presents Christ as the Servant, begins his gospel with the public activity of Christ as a Servant. Luke, who emphasizes the humanity of Christ, begins his gospel with a lengthy description of the events that led to the birth of Christ. John, who presents Christ as the Son of God, begins his gospel in eternity.” (Page 2076)


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  1. David Anfinrud

    David Anfinrud


    I may not agree with all of the thoughts put in this Commentary. But it has some great Pluses. I saw some of the Symbolism explained in various verses. 1 Sam 1. I saw an explanation of weight and liquid measurements used in Isaiah 5. For a quick overview of a set of verses it appears to be a good starting point. And save you time looking up now what is volume of a Bath of win? Or the definition of Acre. Did not know that was how much land a single ox can plow in a day.

  2. Allen857



  3. Benjamin Brown
    A very good commentary that will give a simple but clear explanation of most of the Scriptures, I do recommend this book


Print list price: $25.99
Save $6.02 (23%)