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Rev. John McNeill's Popular Sermons

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These popular sermons by John McNeill, known as the "Scotch Spurgeon," were delivered at the World's Fair in Chicago in 1893 and in his Regent Square Church in London, England. An evangelist who traveled and preached all over the world, his sermons at the World's Fair caused D. L. Moody to proclaim "Mr. McNeill is the greatest preacher in the world." Using plain, unadorned language and humor, McNeill packed the revival halls for weeks wherever he traveled.

With Logos Bible Software, these inspiring sermons are completely searchable by topic or Scripture reference—finding, for example, every mention of “grace,” or “Jacob" in seconds. What’s more, all Scripture passages in Rev. John McNeill's Popular Sermons are tagged and appear on mouse-over. This makes all twenty-one sermons in Rev. John McNeill's Popular Sermons more powerful and easier to access than ever before for reading, sermon preparation, research, and Bible study.

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  • Includes twenty-one historic sermons
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  • "The Wise Choice," To Young People
  • "Jacob's Crisis," To Middle Aged and Prosperous Men
  • "Two Grand Old Men," To Elderly People
  • "The Rich Farmer," Parable of the Rich Farmer
  • "Mary and Martha," The Village Idyll
  • "The Three Crosses," Guilt and Grace
  • "The Gospel of Hard Work," A Call to Diligence
  • "A Good Day's Cleaning," The Story of Ruth
  • "Gideon's Three Hundred," A Story of the Brave
  • "How Little Will Do," Story of a Sick Woman
  • "The Cure for Care," Cast Thy Burden on the Lord
  • "The Queen of the South," The Men of the South, the Men of This Generation
  • "How Daniel Prospered," Spiritual Fidelity and Prosperity
  • "Never Say Die," The Story of the Lepers
  • "Naaman, the Syrian," Story of an Afflicted Soldier
  • "The Woman at the Well," Give Me This Living Water
  • "The True Physician," The Dying Child
  • "The Rich Man and Lazarus," This Picture and That
  • "The Great Refusal," Story of the Young Ruler
  • "The Transfiguration," The Touch of Two Worlds
  • "The Lord Our Shepherd," We Shall Not Want
The apathy of Londoners is one of the most invincible things that the world contains. At his first evening meeting the place was only half filled, but long before the week was out the crowds became so large that there was not nearly room enough to contain them all. The policemen who do continual duty at the City Temple stated that the scene on the last Sunday evening of the mission was such as they had never witnessed in their lives.

—National Council of the Evangelical Free Churches, Free Church Yearbook

Who of all the multitudes that crowded the Central Music Hall at the midday meetings can ever forget the great loving, genial, impetuous McNeill? He is a fine combination of the lion and the lamb, with a good mixture of the sturdy ox, ready for labor or sacrifice.

—Henry Wharton, A Month with Moody in Chicago

Practical evangelical sermons, simple, sincere, and direct.

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He is surely a unique man, and quite as wonderful in his way as Mr. Moody or Mr. Spurgeon.

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  • Title: Rev. John McNeill's Popular Sermons
  • Author: John McNeill
  • Editor: J. B. McClure
  • Publisher: Rhodes and McClure Publishing Co.
  • Publication Date: 1896
  • Pages: 373

Public School Teacher, 1977-1986 Eastern European Seminary, Instructor, 1986-1991; University of the Nations (YWAM) Worldwide, Instructor, 1977-2000; Providence College, Faculty, 2000-. Public School Teacher, 1977-1986; Eastern European Seminary, Instructor, 1986-1991; University of the Nations (YWAM) Worldwide, Instructor, 1977-present; Providence College, Professor, 2000-present.


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Digital list price: $12.49
Save $2.50 (20%)