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Relying on the Holy Spirit

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There is no such thing as an average Christian life. Either you are living a vibrant Spirit-filled life, or you aren’t. You are in forward motion or in a pause position. You are living in the fullness of the Holy Spirit, or you aren’t.

You likely have some preconceptions about the Holy Spirit and how He works within a person’s life. I encourage you to lay them aside and approach these lessons with a wide-open heart and mind.

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“The Holy Spirit literally burns sin out of you so that you won’t burn in your sin.” (source)

“Many Christians are content to live an adequate Christian life.” (source)

“Maintain your ongoing relationship with the Holy Spirit. Talk to Him daily, just as you might pray to God the Father. Recognize His presence. Ask for His help. Invite Him to lead and guide you into right paths and right decisions.” (source)

“Be aware of new directions He may be prompting you to pursue. God desires to get you into His Word so He can get His Word into you, and in turn, so you can share His Word with others. Real spiritual growth comes as you understand and apply God’s Word to your personal life and relationships.” (source)

“We struggle in staying obedient to God’s Word. We are fragile in our bodies, frail in our resolve, and failing in our courage. We are weak creatures apart from the Holy Spirit.” (source)

Charles Stanley

Charles Stanley (1932–2023) was often called “America’s Pastor.” He earned his bachelor of divinity at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and his master’s degree and doctorate at Luther Rice Seminary. His theological viewpoint was evangelical and dispensational in nature.

Stanley served as senior pastor of the First Baptist Church Atlanta from 1971-2020. He ws the founder and president of In Touch Ministries and had served two terms as president of the Southern Baptist Convention. The radio and television broadcast In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley aired around the world in more than 50 languages and covered an array of topics—from finances to parenting.

Stanley was a New York Times bestselling author who had written more than 45 books, including The Charles F. Stanley Life Principles Bible, The Reason for My Hope, Walking Wisely: Real Guidance for Life’s Journey, and dozens more in The Charles Stanley Collection (46 vols.).


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    Print list price: $9.95
    Save $1.96 (19%)