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Products>The Cross of Christ Study Guide Series: Holy Spirit from Genesis to Revelation

The Cross of Christ Study Guide Series: Holy Spirit from Genesis to Revelation

ISBN: 9781418572761
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This study guide takes a detailed look at the prophetic sections of Scripture found throughout the Bible. Each Passage is examined and explained. This volume will tell you which prophecies are yet to be fulfilled and in what sequence.

Top Highlights

“The Holy Spirit is being revealed as a vibrant, dynamic force within the lives of individuals. This is precisely what God intended from the beginning. God and man were never intended to lead separate existences. God created man for His companionship.” (Page 101)

“At Salvation, life is imparted to someone who was formally dead in sin. The baptism with the Holy Spirit empowers someone who was formerly a weak, ineffectual Christian. The Believer is then fitted for God’s service. It is clearly the mandate of God that every Christian should receive the baptism with the Holy Spirit. Jesus commanded the Disciples to wait until they received the baptism before starting out in their ministries.” (Page 100)

“The Gifts of the Spirit are absent from the Church today because the Church has largely been satisfied to stumble along without them. The Church has become comfortable, reclining in their big buildings, schools, money, power, fame, and popularity. It is absolutely essential that the Church realize her position as the Body of Christ. The Church, trying to operate without the Gifts of the Spirit, can never fulfill the destiny for which she was intended by Jesus Christ. We, as Children of the Most High God, must have the Gifts of the Spirit.” (Page 130)

“You see, when the Holy Spirit does finally intrude to bring forth God’s Righteous Kingdom on Earth, all problems will be Divinely removed. But at that moment, everyone’s ‘second chance’ will have been lost. The mercy involved in this means that judgment is currently being withheld. Compassion and love enter in because the sinner is being given the opportunity for Salvation and Redemption from sin before God finally intervenes.” (Page 17)

Jimmy Swaggart

Jimmy Swaggart (1935–) is a pastor, musician, television host, and televangelist. He founded the Family Worship Center church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where he serves as pastor.

After graduating from Bible college in 1961, Swaggart was ordained by the Assemblies of God; one year later, he began his radio ministry. His radio program, The Camp Meeting Hour, was aired nationwide. In 1975, Swaggart started his television ministry, which consists of a weekly telecast of his preaching and Bible study.

Swaggart is an award-winning musician, and he has earned Grammy and Dove Award nominations. He has written several books, study guides, and commentaries. His titles, like The Expositor’s Study Bible, The Cross of Christ, and many others, appear in the Jimmy Swaggart Lifeworks Library.


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This product is not currently available to purchase.