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Beowulf is one of the earliest and greatest epics in history. With its composition dated between the eighth and eleventh century, this Old English heroic poem is also regarded as the first important work of Anglo-Saxon literature. Set in the region that is now southern Sweden, Beowulf is the story of a warrior and his three major battles against evil forces—Grendel the demon, Grendel’s swamp-hag mother, and a great dragon. Written by a Christian, Beowulf incorporates pagan ideals, concepts, and tradition, with Christian themes and stories.

With the Logos edition of Beowulf you have access to one of the most famous English epics. If you’ve never read this classic, now is the time to dive into Beowulf and discover its timeless hero and themes!

Best of all, this resource is free. There’s no catch. No strings attached.

It’s rare that a classic work like this is made available for free to as many people who want it. It’s even more amazing when you consider that this isn’t just a PDF or text file. It’s a Logos book, and it takes advantage of many of the features and tools built into Logos Bible Software. So it’s hard to put into words how phenomenal this opportunity really is.

Please note that this collection requires the latest version of Logos Bible Software.

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The download size of this resource is .19 MB.


I think the material is a wonderful addition to the program and as easy to access and search as all the other resources available in the Logos Bible program, which is the program I use for all my Bible study, Bible reading, and Bible teaching. I’ve also made use of Logos Bible Software in writing my books. In fact, I wouldn’t want to be without the program. It’s made things much easier for me and saved me enormous amounts of time.

R. P. Nettlehorst

So by now it should be obvious just how useful having these resources in Logos 4 really is. Once you start adding search features into the equation then the usefulness is increased exponentially.

Nick Norelli

Logos has done us all a great big favor by making this available and then they went above and beyond by making sure it was free and integrated. I’m sure you’ll enjoy having these resources.

Brian LePort

Product Details

  • Title: Beowulf
  • Editor: James M. Garnett
  • Series: Perseus Germanic Collection
  • Publisher: Perseus Digital Library
  • Publication Date: 1912