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Beowulf is one of the earliest and greatest epics in history. With its composition dated between the eighth and eleventh centuries, this Old English heroic poem is also regarded as the first important work of Anglo-Saxon literature. Set in the region that is now southern Sweden, Beowulf is the story of a warrior and his three major battles against evil forces—Grendel the demon, Grendel’s swamp-hag mother, and a great dragon. Composed by a Christian writer, Beowulf incorporates pagan ideals, concepts, and tradition, with Christian themes and stories. With the Logos edition edition of Beowulf you have access to one of the most famous English epics, enhanced by cutting-edge functionality.

  • Title: Beowulf
  • Editor: James M. Garnett
  • Series: Perseus Germanic Collection
  • Publisher: Perseus Digital Library
  • Publication Date: 1912