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Opening Up Genesis

, 2009
ISBN: 9781846251597
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Genesis is the book of beginnings. But it is also a book about God. “In the beginning, God” is the opening freeze-frame of the Bible. If we go back before the world sprang into being, we find God. If we ask where the world came from, Genesis answers: God. If we wonder why the universe continues to operate in an orderly, timely, predictable fashion, the answer in Genesis is God. And as we ponder how all this ancient information has been preserved and passed down to us, the answer again is God, who gave this book to Moses and had him write it down for the ages.

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“All disobedience boils down to one of the two. Either we do not care what God says (he is not Lord); or we do not believe what God says (we do not trust him).” (Page 65)

“He was convincing Eve that sin would actually enable liberation and self-actualization!” (Page 34)

“You can remember the order of things by keeping two words in mind: forming and filling. On days one through three, God formed the heavens and the earth. And on days four through six, he filled the heavens and the earth with inhabitants.” (Pages 20–21)

“Observing this pattern, we should find it no surprise that nearly every human civilization from that time until today has ordered its life around a seven-day week—even though most of them have had neither the book of Genesis nor significant contact with one another. This is a testimony, written on the human conscience, of the truthfulness of the biblical creation account.” (Page 21)

“Their chief goal had shifted from glorifying God and enjoying him forever to promoting their own renown.” (Page 54)

  • Title: Opening Up Genesis
  • Author: Kurt Strassnew
  • Publisher: Day One
  • Publication Date: 2009
  • Pages: 183

Kurt Strassner is pastor of Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is also the author of Opening up Genesis and Hints and Signs of the Coming KingHe graduated from the University of Mississippi, Tennessee.


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Digital list price: $11.99
Save $3.00 (25%)