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Psalms (The Expositor’s Bible Commentary, Revised Edition, Volume 5 | REBC)

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With the Logos edition of the Expositor’s Bible Commentary, Revised Edition (13 vols.) you can perform powerful searches and access a wealth of information on the Old and New Testaments quickly and easily! Hovering over Scripture references displays the text in its original language or your preferred English translation, and you can link the commentaries to the other commentaries in your digital library for accurate research and a fuller understanding of the Bible. Readers will find this series a welcome and essential aid to a better understanding of the Bible.
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“There are two principle metaphors for the Lord’s goodness: he is like a ‘shepherd’ who is interested in each sheep (vv. 1–4), and he is like a host who has prepared a lavish banquet (vv. 5–6).” (Page 252)

“He leads his own in ‘paths of righteousness.’ These paths do not lead one to obtain righteousness. ‘Righteousness’ (ṣedeq) here signifies in the most basic sense ‘right,’ namely, the paths that bring the sheep most directly to their destination (in contrast to ‘crooked paths’; cf. 125:5; Pr 2:15; 5:6; 10:9). The shepherd’s paths are straight (cf. Aubrey R. Johnson, ‘Psalm 23 and the Household of Faith,’ in Proclamation and Presence, ed. John I. Durham and J. R. Porter [Richmond, Va.: Knox, 1970], 258). He does not unnecessarily tire out his sheep. He knows what lies ahead. Even when the ‘right paths’ bring the sheep ‘through the valley of the shadow of death’ (v. 4), there is no need to fear.” (Page 254)

“The message of the psalmist is that his confidence is in the Lord, who will not abandon his beloved in distress but will restore his blessings and joy to them. This confidence gives rise to one blessing that the enemies cannot take away—inward peace (v. 8).” (Page 107)

“Second, wisdom opens the door to living in the imitation of God, the Great King over all creation.” (Page 84)

“The prosperity of the righteous does not necessarily extend to the assurance of great wealth but primarily to God’s blessing on their words and works (cf. 90:14–17).” (Page 82)


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