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Integrative Theology (3 vols.)

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Historical, biblical, systematic, and practical—Integrative Theology helps students in a pluralistic world utilize a standard method of fruitful research. Originally a three volume set, this resource combines all three volumes, unabridged, into one. Each chapter covers a major doctrine, stating a classic issue of ultimate concern, surveying alternative past and present answers, and testing those proposals against the Bible. From here, each chapter formulates a doctrinal conclusion that consistently fits the many lines of biblical data, defends that conviction, and explores the conclusion’s relevance to spiritual growth and service to others.

In short, Integrative Theology weaves together the disciplines of historical, biblical, systematic, apologetic, and practical theology—all for the glory of God.

For more practical theology from author Bruce Demarest, check out the Dictionary of Everyday Theology and Culture.

Resource Experts
  • Provides a standard method of biblical, theological, and historical research
  • Surveys the theological history of major Christian doctrines
  • Tests historical answers to timeless questions against the Bible
  • Explores each doctrine’s relevance to spiritual growth and service
Integrative Theology is one of the most biblically reliable and faithful presentations of Christian theology from an evangelical perspective. . . . An absolutely unique contribution to evangelical systematic theology.

Sung Wook Chung, professor of theology, Denver Seminary

Gordon R. Lewis is senior professor of Christian philosophy and theology at Denver Seminary. Lewis has served as president of the Evangelical Theological Society and the Evangelical Philosophical Society. He founded Evangelical Ministries to New Religions. He is the author of Decide for Yourself: A Theological Workbook, Confronting the Cults, Judge for Yourself, Testing Christianity’s Truth Claims and, with Bruce Demarest, Challenges to Inerrancy, and the three-volume Integrative Theology.

Bruce A. Demarest was educated at Wheaton College and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. A professor at Denver Seminary, he is the author of more than a dozen books, including Dictionary of Everyday Theology and Culture and The Cross and Salvation: The Doctrine of Salvation. He is also the editor of Four Views on Christian Spirituality in the Zondervan Counterpoints series.


6 ratings

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  1. Friedrich



    maybe add a "look inside" feature or at least list the table of contents for those of us mulling over this purchase, thanks!
  2. Gregory Williamson
    This is a tremendous resource. I own the one-volume print edition (three volumes in one) and I am thrilled that this incredible resource is now available through Logos.
  3. Brian Brennt

    Brian Brennt


  4. HongIl



  5. DavePL HI Haoli KI
  6. Bruce Morrow

    Bruce Morrow


    As is already clear, this resource is a 'go-to' theological compendium. It's methodology is unlike any other that I have seen. The one-volume package itself saves so much time in research and money in the voluminous citations it includes. If there was a theological volume I could recommend for young pastors seeking aids and tools this would be up on the top. Other theologies are critical but, they do not approach the study from the various and appreciated angles that this one does.
  7. Ian Carmichael
    Superb work. With excellent ministry applications. Digital version a bit expensive, given the paper version's already on my shelves!
  8. Daniel Bender
    I was looking forward to getting this resource and am surprised that it got pushed back to "under development" status, It would be nice to get an explanation for the delay.
  9. Charles



    I got an email that this would be out on the 1st. Is it delayed?
  10. William Emberley
    Hey, what happened? I was looking forward to downloading this great work this week.


Collection value: $167.97
Save $16.98 (10%)
Payment plans available in cart