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Dictionary of Everyday Theology and Culture takes key theological concepts out of the academy and puts them on the street, allowing every reader to understand the terms and then practice them in everyday life. This resource contains an alphabetical listing of 173 theological and cultural terms; each entry includes a definition (explaining the term in easy-to-understand language) and an everyday application (helping readers grasp how to live out the concept).

Sound theology isn’t simply the intellectual exercise of reflecting on God’s existence and works. Biblical truths are intended for godly living and Christian service. Therefore, this dictionary goes deeper than other reference texts, helping readers apply truths about God to such issues as abortion, divorce, ecology, bioethics, prayer, worship, evangelism, stewardship, politics, and the media.

With Logos Bible Software, you can get even more out of this awesome reference work! Searches in Logos will pull from entries in Dictionary of Everyday Theology and Culture and all Scripture references within the dictionary link directly to the original language texts and English Bible translations in your library. What’s more, Dictionary of Everyday Theology and Culture will serve as a vital secondary source for many of the primary texts already in your library, giving you instant access to definitions of almost two hundred of topics—enhancing the value of your entire library.

Resource Experts
  • Alphabetical listing of more than 170 theological and cultural terms
  • Provides definitions and applications of each term
  • Includes suggestions for further reading on each topic
If you want to better understand the foundations of your faith, deepen the theological root systems of what you believe, and find out how to apply the key teachings of God’s Word to your everyday life and problems, this monumental work needs to be in your library. I have thousands of books in my library, and most of them just sit on the shelf, but this is a resource I’ll be using on a regular basis. If you buy this book, I can promise you that it won’t just sit on your shelf!

—Gary Oliver, professor of psychology and practical theology, John Brown University

Many dictionaries of theology are overly dense, terse, and a bit stuffy, all of which severely limit their usefulness. So, within the genre of theological dictionaries, the Dictionary of Everyday Theology and Culture is a burst of fresh air. The entries are well chosen, are written in an accessible manner, and would serve as helpful supplements to more detailed teaching. I dare say that the careful study of this book alone would provide a decent theological education.

—Steve L. Porter, professor of theology and philosophy, Institute for Spiritual Formation, Talbot School of Theology, Biola University

Finally we have a book on theology that you don’t have to be a brain surgeon to understand. I love the clarity of presentation of deep theological concepts and the practical guidelines on how to implement the great truths of the faith in your daily life.

—Gary D. Vanderark, professor of neurosurgery, University of Colorado

For those who have ever asked ‘So what?’ after reading a theological tome, this resource provides welcome relief. The collection of insightful summaries from esteemed scholars explains key Christian doctrines with a view to our historic faith and then applies those truths in the context of our current world. Dictionary of Everyday Theology and Culture is a treasure trove of sound doctrine and practical insight into daily application. I look forward to using it regularly.

Rick Cornish, president, Teaching Truth International

Many of the issues we face today are so complex that Christians often despair of ever knowing how to respond. This resource provides thoughtful Christians a solid start in what Scripture teaches, the church has affirmed, and conscientious disciples should keep in mind as they frame their own answers. The entries covered are accessible yet substantial. Anyone wanting to understand the core concepts of his or her faith (baptism, atonement, prayer) or the pressing issues of this day (abortion, racism, relativism) could easily build on the foundation offered here. A rich resource for any bookshelf.

—John Anderson, pastor, Trinity Presbyterian Church, Arvada, Colorado

The careful definition of our terms is one of the best gifts we can offer our culture. Everyday people will find this volume useful in developing, living, and communicating their understanding of Christian ideas, practices, and subculture.

—James L. Wakefield, associate professor of biblical and spiritual theology, Salt Lake Theological Seminary

  • Title: Dictionary of Everyday Theology and Culture
  • Editors: Bruce Demarest and Keith J. Matthews
  • Publisher: NavPress
  • Publication Date: 2010
  • Pages: 450

Bruce Demarest was educated at Wheaton College and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He earned his doctorate in biblical and historical theology at the University of Manchester, where he was mentored by Professor F. F. Bruce. Bruce spent 10 years working with evangelical missions organizations and also has taught at numerous evangelical seminaries throughout the United States, Canada, the Middle East, and Asia. A professor at Denver Seminary, he is the author of 15 books and has written for national publications such as Christianity Today, Foundation, Reflections, and Criswell Theological Review.

Keith J. Matthews is chair of the ministry department and professor of spiritual formation and contemporary culture at Azusa Pacific University’s Graduate School of Theology. He is a longtime pastoral practitioner, having served in churches from coast to coast. He is also an adjunct professor at Fuller Theological Seminary. Matthews has written several articles and coauthored Dallas Willard’s Study Guide to The Divine Conspiracy.


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Digital list price: $20.99
Save $4.00 (19%)