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Help bring the Logos Bible App to Windows Phones and Tablets

We want the Logos Bible app to be available to everyone. If you’re a Logos Bible Software fan and would love to have the Logos Bible app for your Windows mobile device, you can help support this project with a Community Pricing bid. When developed, this app will be free through the Windows store, but we need your help to get it started.

Currently available for iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire, the Logos Bible app lets you take your library with you wherever you go and gives you access to smart tools that let you explore important ideas and make connections across the text. The app seamlessly syncs your notes, reading plans, and highlights across your devices—set down your Windows phone, and pick up right where you left on any other device.

Start experiencing fuller, richer Bible study wherever you go.

Help pay for the initial development of this app, and you'll receive a thank you gift from us.


  • Word Lookup
  • Resource Downloads
  • Bible and Basic Search
  • Passage, Topic, and Exegetical Guide
  • Bible Word Study
  • Reading Plans
  • Notes and Highlights

What you can do:

  • Learn about any word by examining dictionary, lexicons, and cross references
  • Get a passage-specific report including commentaries, cross-references, and literary typing
  • View resources side by side with your preferred Bible translation
  • Search Scripture and your digital library on your Windows mobile device
  • Resize the text to your ideal size for viewing however you want with low-light mode and text options
  • Look up any word to explore its meaning and usage
  • Download resources for offline use