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Ascension and Ecclesia

, 1999
ISBN: 9780567086761

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Recent theology offers few attempts to come to grips with the meaning and implications of the ascension of Jesus. Professor Farrow begins with a discussion of the biblical treatment of the ascension and Eucharistic celebration, from which emerges the unique ecclesial worldview. There are chapters on the treatment of these ideas by Irenaeus, Origen and Augustine, and on developments up to the Reformation. He explores the link between ideas of the ascension, cosmology and ecclesiology. Farrow goes on to examine the difficulties faced by the doctrine of ascension in the modern scientific world. In a final chapter he calls for an ecclesiology, which does not marginalize the human Jesus.

This book is also part of the Theology and Doctrine Collection (16 Vols.)

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“Mikeal Parsons has pointed to the centrality of the ascension narratives” (Page 17)

“It is still the humanity of Christ over which we are prone to stumble, and what is required today more than ever is a doctrine of the ascension that does not set his humanity aside.” (Page 13)

“Once too it was celebrated as the crown of Christian feasts and the ground of the sacraments” (Page 9)

“All the various resources on which we must lean for insight into the church—scripture, creed, tradition, baptism, the experience of the faithful—live and move and have their being in a community knit together around a common table.” (Page 2)

“members is proclaimed, where the church’s identity is renewed in memory and hope, where its unity is plainly set forth” (Page 2)

It is nothing less than a theological breakthrough.

—Professor Ellen Charry, Princeton Theological Seminary

A key study of an important but neglected topic. Farrow demonstrates admirably how much in theology depends upon a right approach to the ascension.

—Professor Miroslav Volf, Yale University

This is a most important book. Professor Farrow’s meticulous scholarship and penetrating theological judgment will together guarantee this study a long life and widespread influence.

—Professor Colin E. Gunton, King’s College, London

  • Title: Ascension and Ecclesia
  • Author: Douglas Farrow
  • Publisher: T & T Clark
  • Publication Date: 2002
  • Pages: 340

Douglas Farrow (PhD, King’s College London) is professor of theology and Christian thought at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. He is also the project director for Pluralism, Religion, and Public Policy at McGill. He previously taught at King’s College London and has lectured widely in North America and Europe. Farrow is the author of several books, including Ascension and Ecclesia, Ascension Theology, and Desiring a Better Country: Forays in Political Theology.


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Digital list price: $39.99
Save $10.00 (25%)