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Lexham Cultural Ontology Glossary

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The Bible references many cultural concepts from the ancient world that are unfamiliar to us today. This glossary defines these concepts as used in the Cultural Concepts dataset.

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“A relative that has the right of redemption over a deceased relative's household.” (source)

“Generally the status of anyone related to a king or queen, including the king or queen as well. Royalty was attributed most strongly to those who were most closely related to the person ruling.” (source)

“The names of people, animals, plants, or objects and any significance the names may bear. In some cultures and contexts the naming of a thing implied power, authority, or control over the thing named by the one conferring the name. In other cases the act of naming something describes an experience related to the thing being named.” (source)

“The status of being an envoy of Jesus Christ commissioned directly by Him or by other apostles; normally someone who has been taught directly by Jesus and who is invested with the authority to speak on His behalf.” (source)

“The practice of expressing praise, thanksgiving, adoration, etc. to a deity or perhaps to a regent” (source)

  • Title: The Lexham Cultural Ontology Glossary
  • Authors: David Witthoff, Andrew Fuller, Jessica Parks, and Cory Taylor
  • Publisher: Lexham Press
  • Publication Date: 2014


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  1. Scott Groethe

    Scott Groethe


    I am not an anthropologist but people in my organization use Murdock's system And the Wycliff/SIL material I have uses HRAF's OCM's system compare these two Lexham: abstract > event > funeral OCM: 760 Death > 764 Burial Practices and Funerals from http://hraf.yale.edu/online-databases/ehraf-world-cultures/outline-of-cultural-materials/\ https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/14041136/murdock%20expanded%20to%20OCM.pdf