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Saint Augustine: Confessions (The Fathers of the Church)

ISBN: 9780813215617

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A major influence over Christianity and Western philosophy, Augustine was a bishop of Hippo Regius in the Roman province of Africa. This collection features many never-before-translated editions of his Latin writings as well as his beloved and most important works—the Confessions, the City of God, and The Trinity. These 30 volumes exhibit the best scholarship and translational work on these classic writings, bringing Augustine into your library like you’ve never seen before. Whether you’re looking to begin studying the Early Church or seeking to expand your library, the Fathers of the Church Series is the most thorough publication available.

For more of Augustine, check out the Fathers of the Church: St. Augustine (30 vols.).

Top Highlights

“It is clear enough from this that a free curiosity has greater force in learning these things than has the compulsion of fear.” (Page 24)

“I did not know that evil is but the privation of the good,38 even to the extent that evil does not exist at all.” (Page 61)

“But, since there was no pleasure for me in those pears, the pleasure was in the evil act itself; it arose from the companionship of those who sinned together with me.” (Page 46)

“For, though I was hungry within me with the lack of that inner food which is Thyself, my God, I experienced no longing as a result of that hunger. Rather, I lacked the desire for incorruptible nourishment, not because I was filled with it, but, the more empty I was, the greater my loathing became. And that is why my soul was unhealthy and, in its ulcerated condition, projected itself into the open,3 wretchedly desirous of being scraped4 in friction with sensible things.” (Pages 49–50)

“Look upon these things with mercy, O Lord, and deliver us who are now invoking Thee; deliver also those who do not yet call upon Thee, so that they will invoke Thee and Thou wilt deliver them.” (Page 17)

Aurelius Augustinus (354–430) is often simply referred to as St. Augustine or Augustine Bishop of Hippo (the ancient name of the modern city of Annaba in Algeria). He is the preeminent Doctor of the Church according to Roman Catholicism, and is considered by Evangelical Protestants to be in the tradition of the Apostle Paul as the theological fountainhead of the Reformation teaching on salvation and grace.


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Digital list price: $39.99
Save $9.00 (22%)