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A. A. Hodge Collection (11 vols.)

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A. A. Hodge championed Reformed theology against liberalism, higher criticism, and the currents of nineteenth century modernism, and counts among the great Princeton theologians—his father, Charles Hodge, before him, and B. B. Warfield after. Although he carried on the legacy of Charles Hodge, A. A. Hodge proved himself a theologian in his own right, writing extensively on the atonement, the Westminster Confession, forms for worship, and numerous theological themes. His theology stemmed from his experience as a pastor, his work in India as a missionary, and his teaching career spent with the students and faculty of Princeton. Hodge’s theological exploration was intended for the members of his church and for the direct benefit of his students.

The 11-volume A. A. Hodge Collection includes six volumes authored by Hodge, plus two volumes co-authored by Hodge on the Westminster Confession, the famous biographical sketch of Hodge’s life, A Discourse in Memory of A. A. Hodge by Francis L. Patton, and Princetoniana, by a student. With the Logos edition of the A. A. Hodge Collection, Scripture references are linked to your Greek and Hebrew texts, along with English translations, and your digital library allows you to perform powerful searches and word studies, and instantly click your way through all of Hodge’s works. That makes the Logos edition of the A. A. Hodge Collection the easiest and most accessible version for reading and research! The A. A. Hodge Collection is ideal for theologians and pastors—especially Presbyterians—and anyone interested in the history of the Westminster Confession, nineteenth century Reformed theology, and the ongoing legacy of A. A. Hodge.

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  • Biography of A. A. Hodge by Francis L. Patton
[A. A. Hodge possessed] an acute mind; [was] interested in theological speculation; rethinking independently the old questions; analytic in his mental processes; full of scholastic subtleties; bold, confident, intense in his convictions; holding the Reformed faith as a sacred trust, and also as a personal possession; pervaded by this faith and living on terms of easy familiarity with it; able to distinguish between essence and accident, and knowing when harmless idiosyncrasy runs into serious doctrinal divergence; strong in his convictions, but not litigious; tenacious of principle, but never sticking in the bark: a sturdy, robust thinker, always ready to defend the faith, a brilliant thinker…Beyond all question he takes his place among the great men of America and the great theologians of the world.

—Francis Landey Patton, in A Discourse in Memory of Archibald Alexander Hodge, 1887

  • Title: A. A. Hodge Collection
  • Volumes: 11
  • Pages: 3,993
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Archibald Alexander Hodge was born in 1823 in Princeton, the son of Charles Hodge. He was named after Archibald Alexander, the principal of Princeton Theological Seminary from 1812 to 1840. A. A. Hodge attended Princeton College and Princeton Theological Seminary, graduating in 1847. He spent three years in India as a missionary, before returning to America to become professor of systematic theology at Western Theological Seminary in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania in 1864. In 1877, A. A. Hodge left Western Theological Seminary to return to Princeton Theological Seminary to succeed his father as the chair of systematic theology. Archibald Alexander Hodge died in 1886.


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Save 25% off during the Memorial Day Sale!


Regular price: $149.99
Save $37.50 (25%)
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